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vintage bus tour
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Vintage Bus Tour - Outdoor Events

Take a trip into London's past on this interactive treasure hunt! The technology's bang up to date, but the atmosphere is yesteryear as you travel from challenge to challenge on a lovingly restored Routemaster bus.

Solve puzzles. Crack codes. Take selfies. Complete video tasks. Go head-to-head with other teams in real-time challenges. Armed with a tablet, our innovative treasure hunt app, and your wits, you'll be champing at the bit to jump off the Routemaster and start earning points!

What's Involved?

Travel one of two classic routes through the capital on this iconic red bus. Your teams will either see the sights of the City or the West End. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Routemaster: but don't forget, this is a competition! Your colleagues might be the nicest of fellow-passengers on board–but once you get off, it's every team for themselves.

At prearranged stops along the way, you'll be let off the bus to tackle fiendish mini-missions. From good old-fashioned quiz questions to high-tech tasks, every one's a proper head-scratcher. You'll need to use every bit of skill and knowledge in the team, if you're going to conquer the questions and unlock your next challenge.

Bonus tasks are awarded for high points, and stress levels are kept nail-bitingly high thanks to a live leaderboard. Race against the clock, and each other, as you discover London in style. All aboard!

Your Routemaster treasure hunt includes:

  • Tablets, emergency chargers, and spare batteries
  • Vintage bus transportation
  • Versatile treasure hunt app
  • Photo and video challenges
  • Location-based image-recognition tasks
  • Bonus challenges
  • Leaderboard
  • Choice of locations

    This event is venue specific. 
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