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Walk On The Wild Side

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walk on the wild side
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Walk On The Wild Side - Outdoor Events

Nail the toughest outdoor team building challenge in the book: working with animals! There are riddles to unravel, puzzles to solve, and exciting challenges to face. Catch a cricket. Stage your own photoshoot starring a spider. Smash the bush tucker trial for bonus points. This unique outdoor team building event covers everything from overcoming fears to improving communication and getting teams to think creatively.

Meet amazing animals, tackle team challenges, and realise dreams.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Interaction and collaboration skills
  • Time management
  • Team unification
  • Recognising strengths and weaknesses

What's Involved?

As you complete the challenges, you'll learn fascinating facts about each creature. Put your newfound knowledge to the test in the great animal quiz. This adds a fun twist to the day and can change team rankings. Then it's time for the grand final! Choose a critter to represent your team in the big animal race. The top ranking team gets to pick their animal athlete first. Who will be first past the post? Snake, spider, lizard or an outsider? Animals are pretty unpredictable! Anything can and will happen at the final hurdle.

Points mean prizes! We've added prizes and surprises to up the ante and make things even more exciting. Mix and match activities to create your perfect outdoor team building day. Ready? Let's take a walk on the wild side!

You can mix and match from up to nine outdoor team building challenges. There will be an animal handler present on the day.

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