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Yoga Disco - Outdoor Events

Get ready for Yoga Disco, an exciting mix of chill yoga vibes and lively disco beats. It’s the ultimate team building activity that blends dance pose yoga with energetic disco tunes.

Ideal for adding a dash of excitement and solidarity to your corporate events, Yoga Disco lifts spirits, promotes wellness, and shakes up the daily grind. If you're aiming to liven up your next team gathering, Yoga Disco is your perfect pick.

Grab your team, and let’s add some groove to your move!

What's Involved?

Disco Yoga

Disco Yoga merges the calming stretches of yoga with the dynamic beats of disco music. Picture this: you're flowing through your favourite yoga poses while catchy disco tracks set the pace—a refreshing twist on the usual yoga session. Everything’s ready for you when you arrive: we provide the mats, and our expert instructors are there to guide the whole group, making sure everyone, from yoga novices to the more experienced, can get into the groove comfortably. It's a perfect setup for a lively, yet soothing session that’s sure to bring smiles and a whole lot of fun to your team event.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga, especially our Yoga Disco sessions, introduces both mindfulness and wellness to your team in an engaging and fun way. This event combines the therapeutic yoga poses with lively disco beats, creating an atmosphere that promotes wellness and invigorates the team. Practicing yoga in an upbeat setting can significantly alleviate workplace stress, enhance mental clarity, and boost overall employee morale. The energy and enjoyment generated by Yoga Disco helps to foster stronger bonds among team members, making it a fantastic choice for companies looking to nurture a healthy, happy, and cohesive work environment.

Teambuilding Yoga

Team Building Yoga strengthens connections within your team through shared yoga practices set to upbeat disco music. This engaging session not only helps in reducing stress and enhancing flexibility but also in building trust and cooperation among colleagues. As participants help and encourage each other through various poses and movements, they learn valuable communication skills and deepen their relationships. The dynamic atmosphere of Disco Yoga adds a fun and energetic twist, making it an ideal activity for teams looking to combine wellness with effective team building. This lively session leaves everyone feeling rejuvenated and more connected as a group.

Online Yoga

Online Yoga brings the unique blend of disco energy and yoga calm right to the remote workforce.

Online Yoga adapts our popular Yoga Disco for remote teams, allowing participants to join live-streamed sessions from wherever they are. This setup ensures that team members working from various locations can still enjoy a group wellness activity together. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions focus on reducing stress and improving mental clarity, delivering these benefits directly to each participant's home or remote workspace. It’s a practical way to keep your dispersed team connected and focused, fostering a sense of unity even when physically apart. It's an excellent way to support a healthy work-life balance and keep remote teams connected, energised, and motivated.

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