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2021 Live Team Building will happen

2021 live team building will happen
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2021 Live Team Building will happen

The future is looking bright for many industries as we sit and watch Boris Johnson tell the nation the ways in which he sees us emerging from this current lockdown. It's extremely exciting to think about how our summer is going to look and even more thrilling to know that we Off Limits can do what we do best and hold team building events for you and your team. It's been one hell of a year for everyone, in some cases employees have only seen each other through the likes of zoom, teams & Skype. But now we can start planning our 2021 calendar and make sure we include a team building event like no other. Give your teams the welcome back they deserve, be a team together achieving something other than the daily tasks our jobs bring to us. We have so many different team activities that we can tailor to your business’s needs. It’s been a long time coming and we are here to help. A timeline has been set out and we can only hope it stays on track, we have detailed below the team building event stages coming out of this lockdown: 

Virtual events = NOW & ALWAYS 

We have expectedly seen a sharp rise in our virtual events over the last year. These events can be delivered and enjoyed from the comforts of your own home. We know these will still be popular going forward as working from home is becoming increasingly beneficial for companies and employees. Many companies will change their outlook on working from home if they see no change in efficiency. Our virtual events have been a perfect icebreaker at a conference, a break to keep the meeting entertaining and colleagues engaged, or a full day virtual event. Be sure to give one of our virtual team building events a go this year or maybe even next. 

29th March = Outdoor Events (up to 6 people) 

Yes, finally we can meet up in groups of six and enjoy a team building event together. This really is exciting and perfect for a small team to get back together and catch up on lost time. You may even want us to come to the office and deliver the event there, this is very common and most of our events can come to you in your workplace. If you happen to be in and around Nottingham our Drive site is great for groups of 6. Let your hair down and see who can get around the track the fastest. There are so many ways you can enjoy our drive site, from quads to driving with a blindfold. We can help suggest which team event will suit your objectives the best. 

17th May = Outdoor Events for 100's of people & Indoor Events with social distancing guidelines in place. 

Well, this is the news we have all been waiting for! An event with hundreds of people outdoors, this means events like It's a Knockout, Totally Wiped Out, Total Knockout, Crystal Quest, Teamwork Challenge and many more can be delivered to you. These events are some of our most popular team building days and we can’t wait to see you and your team enjoying yourself in some friendly competition. We can do hundreds of events outside all you've got to do is ask! Especially in the summer months, who wants to be inside! Enjoy the sunshine, build a strong bond with your team and have some fun! We all deserve that. 

21st June = Any Event no limit on numbers

We know, we couldn't believe it either, but this is the road map to our events being back and it is truly amazing to think that we are slowly moving back to the world we used to know. Where we can actually be around all of our work colleagues who we are so used to spending so much time with and to be able to actually enjoy something together in real life! The thought of us putting on our team building events for our clients is one we will treasure for a long time; we can't wait to provide you with an action-packed day of making memories again. All of our events will be back soon, and we are hoping to be very busy. So, if you know you'll be back with your team soon we recommend booking your team day sooner rather than later to ensure we can give to you what you really want in an event. 

Team engagement and appreciation goes a long way, and so would a team building day for everyone to look forward to. Show your team how much their hard work either at home or at work during this unprecedented time is valued.  

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the roadmap can be delivered on time, so we can see you all soon. 

Get in contact with our corporate team to get a date in your diary for a team building event you will not forget. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

26th Friday February 2021

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