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2021 Outdoor Team Building Activity Ideas

2021 outdoor team building activity ideas
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Team Building needs to be a major focus for 2021, so now is the time to be looking for the perfect corporate outdoor event for your team. We have a huge range for you to choose from, and don’t worry you don’t have to go through them all yourself and consider if they work for you. We can find a few options that fit perfectly for your event or we can create a bespoke event unique to you.

Outdoor Team Building is going to be the big feature in 2021, as being outdoors as much as possible will be a priority. We have some outstanding outdoor team building activities that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years to come. Here’s a few of our favourites 

It’s a Knockout 

This is the famous BBC It’s a Knockout with the costumes from the original show, we are the only company to own the official rights, so if you want the real deal you know where to come. This event will break down barriers and create amazing communication and competition. It will also put a smile on everyone’s face and have people talking about the event it for years to come. 

Totally Wiped Out 

Staying with the inflatable TV theme we have created our every own Totally Wiped Out course, including big red balls, sweeper arm and punch wall to name a few games. This again will have everyone laughing and shouting to win the games. Will your team make it around with the most points or will they get Totally Wiped Out! 

Multi Activity Day

If you are looking to keep teams in smaller teams and rotate around activities, then this is a great option. This also gives teams the opportunity to try something new and different like 4x4 off road driving, rage buggies, power turns, reverse steer buggies, archery, clay shooting or axe throwing. See people learn new skills and be so proud when they hit the target.

Treasure Hunt 

A classic event that gets teams competing against each other on who will make it to the treasure first and will they have solved all the clues to get the treasure. A great outdoors event, with sightseeing, clue finding, and motivation all rolled into one. Enables all team members to get involved and show the different skills they have, allowing teams to work in a different way and find out new things about each other that can be developed in the workplace.

Crystal Quest

Can you complete all the areas, tasks, and games to get the ultimate time for the grand finale? Work as a team getting to know your team members and skills so you can put forward the right candidate to complete the task, but remember you still have to work together and communication is key in this event. Fun and exciting games that bring out leadership and real synergy within a team.

These are just a few of the amazing outdoor events that we have on offer to inspire, motivate, and enjoy with your workforce. So why not give us a call or drop us an email with your objectives for your outdoor event, and we will give you a great list of event options that will cover everything you are looking for and create an event that everyone will be excited about and enjoy. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

23rd Thursday July 2020

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