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4 times Evolve nailed their challenge as a team on The Apprentice

4 times evolve nailed their challenge as a team on the apprentice
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Remember The Apprentice in 2013? It was an interesting season for Evolve team to say the least. After they kicked off the season with a big losing streak, Lord Sugar switched the teams around and created some fierce competition between Evolve and Endeavour. So, how did they magically turn things around? Answer: Team work.

Here are 4 of their biggest victories, all achieved through working as a single force.

  1. The Caravan Challenge: We'll start this list with one of the biggest margins Evolve beat Endeavour by. They didn't just pull off a win; they absolutely obliterated their opponents by nearly £30,000 in revenue!

The challenge was to sell products at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC. Evolve's group thinking made sure they went for the best possible products to pull in a tidy profit, and their recognition of individual strengths meant they were all in positions that played to their strengths. Good team work here!

  1. Ready Meal: The mission was to create a new brand of ready meal and get more orders than the other team. Evolve worked well together and reacted to key data, while Endeavour were nailed by an individual going rogue because of personal investment.

Endeavour went for a brand called ‘Deadly Dinners', which was aimed at children and featured scary imagery on the box. Despite poor market research, Myles convinced Alex to go with it anyway. Evolve's ‘Oh My Pow' Thai-Caribbean fusion food had a colourful, engaging brand, but tasted bland. At the end of the day, they still got more orders.

  1. Stall-to-Shop: The very next week, Evolve pulled it off again. With £150, each team had to start a business from scratch, selling at a market on the first day and in a shop on the second.

For Endeavour, leader Myles was too much in his own head to hear the rest of his team. When it comes to a project like this, you need everyone (even the manager) singing off the same hymn sheet, and that's what secured Evolve the win. ‘Pile it high and sell it cheap', said Luisa – and she was right. While Endeavour failed to scrape together enough high-priced junk to cover their stall table, Evolve knocked the ball out of the park with cheap, cheerful hats, leggings and scarves, which they even modelled themselves!

  1. Dubai: This was an interesting one. Find and secure eight items for a new multimillion pound hotel in Dubai. The least amount spent would be the winner.

Endeavour failed because of Zeeshaan's arrogance and dictatorial leadership. While they got confused about flag measurements and Oudhs, Evolve worked together, corrected any mistakes promptly and delivered the goods to smash the challenge.   

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Written by Jim Alexander

14th Wednesday October 2015

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