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5 Digital Technologies To Transform Your Event

5 digital technologies to transform your event
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The events sector is constantly innovating and we've seen a shift towards digital technologies used as a way of transforming a corporate or team building event. Technology is playing a bigger role in client conferences, from marketing to online admission lists, mobile apps, social media management and engagement technologies. And this has had an effect on the type of events clients are interested in. So far in 2016, we've seen businesses show greater interest in moving away from traditional methods, leaning instead towards seamless, savvy and technology-led corporate events.

Emerging technologies can transform a conference into something more challenging and mesmerising for your audience. Here are just a few simple ways to build technical advances into a conference or teambuilding event:

Smart presenting

Smart presenting is a new trend capable of increasing engagement in a passive corporate audience. This idea involves the use of a second screen, such as tablet or mobile device, which enables the presenter to share information in real-time with delegates. Delegates are also able to access slides, post questions, and send comments to the speaker for the ultimate two-way engagement experience.

Mobile event apps

Mobile phone apps are a popular way to incorporate technology into a conference or teambuilding event. They're easy to use, and require no extra hardware: an event app is simply downloaded onto delegate's smart devices. Apps create a memorable, personalised experience for the client, and are an excellent way to customise an event.

A fantastic example of this is the smartphone treasure hunt. Bespoke and technology-led, a smartphone treasure hunt sees event attendees split into teams to embark on their quest. Users are given a login and password for their devices. Once they're in, the app lets users crack clues, check in to local landmarks, and review a live scoreboard to check the progress of their opponents. The smartphone treasure hunt provides a real-time twist to a teambuilding event, and the personalised features create limitless possibilities.

QR code registration

QR codes can be generated prior to the event for pre-registered delegates, and sent to mobile phones and tablets. This negates the use of printed forms and paperwork at conferences. It can also be used as way of accurately measuring the number of attendees via the online registration form, and creates a seamless process for the delegates to confirm their attendance and special requirements. The system can also send out reminders and updates to delegates close to the date of the event.


Drones are aircraft-type models that can fly autonomously and are typically guided by GPS technology. At Off Limits we incorporate drones into a ‘human logo' team building event. When delegates have created their living logo, we fly drones overhead to capture the finished result. The action and content can be relayed on-screen in real-time, giving the audience an instant view of their masterpiece.

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are beginning to dominate the gaming industry and the potential to grow the technology in the corporate sector is steadily rising. At conferences and teambuilding events, VR headsets can be used as a viewing platform for 3D model visualisations, a delivery mechanism for certain types of software (for example transport and driving simulations), and a thrilling new way to interact with the environment. VR is an evolving tool, and it's likely it will take time before it captures the imagination of events organisers: but with the technological landscape as a whole headed in this direction, the conference of the future could be right around the corner. Here at Off Limits, we're certainly excited to see how we can implement VR in team building events!

Technology drives engagement. Emerging digital platforms are encouraging greater communication, and have generated a whole host of new and inspiring methods for broadcasting content to an audience. Exploring these platforms is a great way to keep your events fresh, and create the greatest possible experiences for your clients.

Have you introduced any new technologies to delegates at your event or conference? We'd love to hear more on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

12th Tuesday April 2016

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