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5 Most Disgusting Bush Tucker Trials

5 most disgusting bush tucker trials
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So I'm A Celebrity is back again, and we love the show so much we had to make a great team building event out of it! Luckily our challenges aren't as stomach-churning as these Bush Tucker trials from the past.

  1. Linda Barker – the ‘rats in the pants' trial: We would be in an especially cruel mood to make anyone walk around with rats in their pants. Linda Barker, we feel for you on this one!
  2. Joe Pasquale – the ‘Danger Down Under' trial: In 2004, this poor comedian ended up in a rat's nest of a Bush Tucker challenge…literally! He was submerged in water, while sopping wet rats clambered all over his face and neck. Yeesh. The stuff of nightmares.
  3. Lucy Pargeter – the ‘Limo Scream' trial: Lucy's challenge was to collect stars from the inside of a stretch limousine. Sounds simple, right? Nope. This sexy car was so full of disgusting nastiness it was nearly impossible to watch! We've seen some revolting sights, but the pink offal shining inside the limo? That one's going to stick with us for a while.
  4. Lady Colin Campbell – ‘Every Critter Counts' trial: One from this year. Lady C was blindfolded, and had to count how many critters she could feel with different parts of her body: her hands, her feet, and finally her mouth. This final bit was especially terrifying for some of the picky eaters in the office! How did you get on, watching the critters crawling around in her mouth as she attempted to count with her tongue? Yuk.
  5. Matt Wallis and Mark Durden Smith – ‘That' Milkshake trial: Let's address the most stomach-churning elephant in the room with our final pick! Luckily for you lot, none of our challenges involve milkshakes. We wouldn't even be this evil to our worst enemies. In the 2009 season, Matt Wallis and Mark Durden Smith had to correctly answer questions to avoid drinking milkshakes…but what were in these milkshakes I hear you ask. Camel penis, crocodile egg, mealworms and crickets in one. Eel head, tripe, calf's brain and lamb's testicles in the other.

Our team building version is much friendlier than this! Check out our Jungle Experience, and don't worry. There won't be an eel-head milkshake in sight.

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Written by Jim Alexander

26th Thursday November 2015

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