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5 Productivity Boosting Breakfasts

5 productivity boosting breakfasts
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Your best work usually happens in the morning, which makes breakfast really important for productivity. It's National Breakfast Week, so we've put together a list of the five best breakfast options to keep you focussed at work.

These first meals of the day will kickstart your metabolism and replenish blood sugar levels. Ideally, you need to balance high-fibre carbohydrates with lean proteins. This combination will keep you from feeling tired and irritable.


A super easy option to make, porridge simply requires hot water or milk. Porridge is a great morning carb, which keeps your blood sugars steady and gives a fuller feeling for longer. If you're stuck for time, don't worry! McDonald's do a quick option you can pick up on the way to work.


Breakfast cereal essentially does the same job as porridge. Low sugar cereals like Shredded Wheat provide the same carbohydrate support. Milk adds the protein.

Breakfast Sandwich

No, we don't mean a giant greasy bacon sandwich from the breakfast van! Egg sandwiches or wraps with or without lean bacon are a great source of both protein and carbs, which can help slow a blood sugar crash.


Grab a Nutri-Bullet, yoghurt and your favourite fruit. Smoothies can be a great source of protein for those who are constantly on the move. And they taste amazing!


Probably the simplest option on this list, and one many of us are addicted to (the coffee machine sees plenty of action in our office)! Coffee is the guilt-free wake up medicine that comes without artificial protein and carbohydrates. Just don't go too heavy on the additional caramel swirls or whipped cream.

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Written by Jason England

28th Thursday January 2016

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