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5 Reasons why taking time out as a team is positive!

5 reasons why taking time out as a team is positive
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Never put a team building activity together and wondering why and how this would be beneficial for your team going forward? There are many reasons why team activities are important so here is our top 5 reasons why these events are beneficial for your team:

1. Connect with each other on a more personal level

We spend a large majority of our week going to work and spending time with all our colleagues, but do you know much about each other? Other than the job they do, a lot of people will say they know virtually nothing about the people we spend most of our week with. Learning and connecting with your colleagues helps you gain friendships and respect for each other which therefore will help your working environment be more of a positive one. By taking the time out to take part in a team building activity this will help you get to know your colleagues on a personal level, this can result in many of you enjoying work life more and making every day more enjoyable for each other.

2. Get to know each other better.

We can all agree that working with a friend or someone we enjoy spending time with makes working that little bit easier. This is what team building activities are here to help with. Completing these activities allows everyone to take time to work on their friendships and relationships with all their colleagues. Getting to know each other is very important when it comes down to creating good working relationships and enjoying your working day that little bit more.

3. Have a new shared experience.

Sharing a new experience with your team is something that can really bring all your colleagues together. Giving your team something to look forward to will improve your working environment, this will help start conversations with your team about something exciting. Attending team building events help towards team morale, communication and spirit. Create memories together and have fun at work!

4. Learn more about what makes each other tick.

Building important work relationships help you understand what motivates each other. Taking time to learn about everyone’s job and even the frustrations you all may have about your work life. This helps you create trusting, respectful relationships with your colleagues which will then help you have a positive working environment.

5. Have fun together.

Having fun together is the most important reason to book a team building activity. Although you can have fun in the office, this is a different kind of fun! This kind of fun allows everybody to forget about all the stresses of work for a short period of time and focus on connecting with colleagues and enjoying the activity. Your team will love it!

Are you looking to book in your team building event to get everybody up and enjoying themselves? Get in contact with our event professionals and we will help you tick all the above reasons for why team building events are beneficial

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Written by Nellie Gethins

29th Thursday June 2023

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