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5 Ways To Improve Teamwork In The Workplace

5 ways to improve teamwork in the workplace
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It’s obvious to see the benefits for a business when the employees work together efficiently day in day out. Great teamwork helps to build and boost the morale in the workplace, which in turn makes workers more productive and ultimately improves and increases profits. Having excellent teamwork also makes problem solving easier since people with different skills and knowledge can collaborate to get to the best outcome. Without good teamwork a business will struggle to go any further than it has, the people have to be the engine and work together. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your team are working together, see below 5 ways to make this happen:

1. Encourage informal social events

For employees to socialise outside of work is important not only for the work life balance but for the relationships between colleagues. Finding out more about who they work with is so important to morale and building organically. Making the social events informal ensures that everyone feels comfortable and they can be themselves in a relaxed environment other than work. It’s good for co-workers to talk about personal subjects and anything other than work. This will build their relationships which should then improve teamwork and productivity in the workplace. 

2. Reward Excellent Teamwork

One of the best ways to make sure employees keep up the great work and results is to make sure you’re rewarding them for the good things they do. This doesn’t have to cost anything, a simple well done and some recognition can be enough. We have had an increase in companies booking team building events for their employees at the end of a quarter or tough project to let their hair down and show them some appreciation. 

3. Establish Effective Communications

Within your team it is important to find out how everybody communicates and create a comfortable environment for employees. Communication in the workplace is key and getting it right is crucial. We don’t just mean how we communicate in terms of email, face to face etc we also mean how employees speak to each other day to day. The tone you set within your business will have a long-term effect with employee’s relationships. Make sure everyone abides by the same communication policy. 

4. Get feedback & Ideas from everyone

Often great ideas can come from unexpected places, and to achieve some of the businesses goals it is important to bring everyone’s input and ideas to the table. Sometimes sitting in a meeting where everyone openly discusses their ideas is not always the right way to go about getting the best ones. Some of the shyer employees would find it much better for them to put their ideas and opinions in a feedback box. This way everyone is entitled to sharing their own thoughts when they feel comfortable to do so. 

5. Celebrate individual success and targets

Celebrating as a team is great but sometimes individuals just need some 1:1 recognition that they are doing a great job to keep them on track. Having 1:1 meeting with your employees allows you to understand their individuality, how they work, how they learn and more of their personality. You will be able to analyse the best way for individuals to make them the most productive, from this teamwork will improve organically.  

These 5 ways to improve teamwork are all very important and true, but a special team building day by Off Limits will always boost team activity and build relationships. If you’re goal is to build and increase teamwork get in touch with our experts today! 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

04th Wednesday March 2020

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