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Advantages Of Working Within A Team

advantages of working within a team
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When it comes to accurate problem solving, most of the employers and organisations reside to teamwork for better results. A lot of times it proves true in business expeditions that two heads are better than one. When a team is formed in an organisation, it is for the sole purpose that people with similar skill set, interests, and qualification are pooled together for one goal or for projects that require problem solving techniques of the same kind. 

For most businesses, it is imperative to build and develop teams. They spend all possible resources in establishing and managing teams in the best of their possibilities for the best results. 

We bring to you a comprehensive list of all the advantages of working in teams in your office. You may then choose your course of action.

Advantages of team working:

1.Distribution of work equally - one of the greatest advantages of working in teams is the equal distribution of work. A team is formed when like minded people with similar qualifications come together and work on a single project. This means they can all do the same kind of work which makes it feasible for the manager to assign equal work. Whereas if you are an individual contributor, the entire work pressure will be on your shoulders. In a team, everyone is responsible for their share of work and pressure and each person is accountable for a different aspect of the problem solving strategy. 

2. Possibility of flexibility - when you are a part of a team, it is not always mandatory to do the same assignment. Based on your skill set and your interest, you can also take up tasks which are not entirely according to your profile. Flexibility is a huge added benefit of working in teams. You are always appreciated if you help other members of your team and also, when you need some time off or need any kind of help, your fellow members will surely come up to your escape. Flexibility in a team also comes into play when someone can stand in while you are absent and later on you can make it up by working extra. 

3. Responsibility sharing - everything in a team is shared, the work, the efforts, the praises and also the criticism. When a task is assigned to the team, it is the responsibility to divide the work judiciously amongst the team members, but all the team members are equally accountable for the successful completion of the task. If you all perform exceptionally well, all the praises are meant for every member of the team. The same is the case when something goes wrong. The entire team takes up the answerability for the mistake committed. It is never one person against all when it comes to a team working system.

4. Change in perspective - working in a team helps you to not only gain perspective but also change your point of view towards a lot of things. When you join a team, you understand how to solve the same problem several other ways that may be more efficient. 

As you spend time working with a team, you become more receptive towards new ideas and thoughts. You learn new ways to think differently and out of the box which will later enhance the performance of the entire team. You gain perspective and you learn why it is essential to take into consideration every member’s opinion and ideas, weigh their feasibility and then come to a decision. 

5. Promotes creativity and motivation - when you are working with a team, a lot of time you may collaborate with others to find the right ways to deal with an issue. This increases the chances of more creative solutions. If yours is a team which has people from various backgrounds, you will get a lot of instances to learn from the experiences and abilities of your fellow team members. When your team works in harmony, you are motivated to achieve higher standards and work with a motivation towards being more productive. With every new accomplishment and a supportive, united team, you are encouraged to work better. This in turn benefits the organisation as a motivated employee will always give better results.

6. Improves communication skills and leadership qualities - when you are working in a team, it is imperative that you communicate clearly with your fellow team members and your team leader. It is important that you keep giving updates about your work to the rest of the team for proper coordination. No one must feel left out during decision making. This can only happen if there is a clear channel of communication within the team. This is exactly why team meetings are held. Being a part of a team, you also get to learn how to hone your leadership skills. Having a good team manager can help you learn the various aspects of managing a team. You never know, you may get the opportunity of leading a team in the future.

7. Play to your strength - when you are a part of a team, each work that is assigned to the team is divided equally. Your manager will always make sure that you get the job for which you are most suitable. When this happens, you are at your own to give your best and play to your strength. If you get the option of choosing your part, there is nothing better! Everyone’s comfort and expertise lie in different fields. The aspects you are uncomfortable with can be taken up by someone else.

8. Developing bonds and friendships - not that this does not happen when you work individually, but when you have your own team, you tend to make stronger bonds. People in your team have the same skills and at times, similar interests which helps you gel more with your team than others in your office. On average, you spend around 7 to 8 hours with the same set of people. This leads to stronger understanding and lays the foundation of friendship. And when your team members are your friends, you always have company when it comes to having some fun after the office hours.

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Written by Jenna Halford

18th Thursday October 2018

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