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Be Prepared For Q4

be prepared for q4
Christmas Activities

We are soon to be going into the final quarter of the year. You’ve got to Q4 so keep doing what you’re doing but bare these factors in mind on the way:

1. Plan your budget

2. Start looking at trends and new product launches 

3. Plan your time as well as your teams

4. Think about which tools will help you to achieve your goals

5. Keep your team motivated with fun days out 

6. Socialise outside of work with your team 

7. Remember to enjoy yourself

As well as the above make sure you remember to plan for January and 2020 as that will come around extremely quick after Christmas. Team members will need motivation in January so make sure you are working with all team members to ensure they feel satisfied and know their goals going forward.


This last extra tip will excite your team throughout Q4.

Throw them a brilliant Christmas party.  

Any Christmas party is better than none. It doesn’t have to mean the company spending thousands of pounds. It could be as simple as a meal out together and some drinks. Or if you wanted, there are options to incorporate team building into your Christmas party events like Santa’s sleigh box derby, the Christmas baking challenge and Santa’s sweet success challenge to name a few.  

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

20th Friday September 2019

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