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Breaking the ice team building events

breaking the ice team building events
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It’s that time of the year where you may have new starters to the team, and you want to make them feel welcome and get everyone in the team on a personal level not just through work to do lists. An icebreaker event is the perfect opportunity to make your new staff feel welcome and give them a really good insight into who they are working with. This will help build brand new professional relationships within the team and motivate everyone to work well together. Our events can be as big or small as you would like them to be, it may be that you want 1 hour of the day to be activities for your team, or you might want a full day of events. Whichever you choose we will help you to achieve your goals for the day. We have listed below a few great ideas for your next ice breaker event: 


Imagine your team tangled up together and they have to get out of the tangle without letting go of each other's hands! This will require each team to be collaborating and listening to each other, communicating well together to be able to achieve the goal set. Will your team be able to untangle themselves with no issues? This will put your team to the test whilst allowing the to help each other and work as a unit. 

Hoops I did it again: 

Another great activity that can actually be done right in the office if there is enough room. Two teams will go head to head jumping through the hoops to try and make it to the other side. When they meet an opponent in the middle, they will need to win a game of rock paper scissors to move on towards the end of the trail of hoops. This event promotes encouragement and team spirit; without that it may influence your team’s result. 

Human Bingo: 

This is a brilliant event if you have a lot of new starters or are holding a conference where people do not know each other very well. Everyone will be given a bingo card with different questions on, to get those boxes ticked people will need to go round asking questions to each other to find the answer. For example, it might say find someone with a daughter – this means you will need to go around and ask people until you find someone. You will be learning about people from a personal level and professional. We can tailor the bingo cards to your business. 

Clap Happy: 

This event will lift everyone’s spirit, with different harmonies created by clapping and tapping. Clap happy bonds and relaxes delegates and puts a smile on their face reminding everyone what can be achieved with a little bit of teamwork. 


This event will wake everyone up and inspire teamwork. That’s right you will learn the Haka war dance, with stamping movements, hands clapping, and tongue sticking out, your team will look like real mauri warriors. Face paint is optional, but everyone will be part of this moving ice breaker.  

If you’re looking for an event or activity to break the ice in any working situation, get in contact with us and we will be on board to make sure you receive an exciting and successful team building event. Some of our events can also be done virtually so this works if you have teams working from home.

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Written by Julian

21st Friday April 2023

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