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Breaking The Unhealthy Meetings And Events Cycle

breaking the unhealthy meetings and events cycle
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Conference and meeting planning can be intense and making healthy, positive choices for employees and attendees can prove difficult. Unfortunately unhealthy choices can reduce concentration, have a negative impact on productivity, and damage energy levels. Even when planning time is short, it's important to consider applying healthy standards to an event. Healthy choices can help reenergise attendees at crucial points during the day. They're also a great way to reinforce a positive workplace culture.

Healthy meeting snacks

Introducing ‘fuel for the brain' - food that is high in Omega 3 and vitamins key to essential brain function and development - can boost employee activity and engagement. Consider refuelling your attendees with deli box options, energy bars, smoothies and fresh fruit instead of heavy carbs such as biscuits and sandwiches. Healthy catering food can be more expensive but ordering less and making portion sizes more reasonable can help save on overall event costs.

On the move

Studies have shown a strong relationship between the physical and social environments in the workplace. Long hours in meetings mean employees aren't getting a chance to take the recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day. When choosing a venue for your event it's important to consider one that has an outdoor access option, that way attendees can have time to move around in the fresh air. Another option is to introduce icebreakers that are highly interactive. A more physical environment can help shape and encourage positive employee moods during meeting sessions. These sessions can also help reduce the post-lunch slump.

Minimise waste

Using “zero waste” or green practices incorporates sustainability into your meeting through waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting techniques. Create an event that's as healthy for the planet as it is for your staff, and you'll create a culture that puts the emphasis on positive changes and responsible action.

Setting healthy event standards sends a message that health is important to your business, and demonstrates your commitment to supporting the welfare of employees and stakeholders. By modelling healthy behaviour, you set the standard for every type of meeting going forward: from small department meetings to large corporate events.

Have you introduced any health and wellbeing practices into your meetings and conferences? What has worked for you?

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Written by Jenna Halford

22nd Tuesday March 2016

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