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Building Your Own Away Day

building your own away day
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Do you remember these old Burger King adverts? From 1974-2002, the fast food giant ran a series of campaigns highlighting ways in which customers could have the burger they wanted, their way. Want it without onions? You Got It! Hold the ketchup? Have It Your Way! Well, now you can get anything just the way you like it. So it makes sense to expect the same from your away day.

The real theme behind the You Got It campaign is probably one you use yourself. Every customer is different, so each one deserves a personalised service. Perhaps you make this point to new clients, advertising your own business' services as tailored, personal, responsive.

In the 1970s, the phrase ‘One Size Fits All' became advertising currency for a versatile product, something that answered the needs of multiple consumers. Then, Burger King's insistence on doing things Your Way was bucking the trend. Now, along with tobacco-coloured wallpaper, massive collars and sexist attitudes, the idea of catchall services has gone the way of the dodo. Even the concept of ‘consumers' is on the way out, replaced by a characterisation of customers as friends, lifestyle-sharers. Your client is a companion whose interests, needs and ‘pain points' fit with the service you deliver or the product you sell. And she wants a solution that's cut from a unique pattern.

When you book a corporate away day, you don't always want the themed package. Maybe you like the idea of a circus skills icebreaker, or a live band. And maybe you can't find an ‘off the shelf' evening containing both.

Or perhaps you simply don't know what you want from your away day. Maybe you have goals but no theme, or a theme without a goal-oriented focus. The point is that you don't have to bolt anything down to the exclusion of other activities or elements. Practical considerations aside, the only limitations on a corporate themed evening are your requirements, and the imagination of the events company you choose to create something that answers them.

Want a medieval banquet? You got it. How about a giant six-lane Scalextric, or a mocked-up CSI investigation?

Have it your way.

Are there any events you'd like to see side by side, on a bespoke corporate away day bill? Let the community know on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Written by Jim Alexander

04th Friday September 2015

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