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Choosing a venue that adds value to your event

choosing a venue that adds value to your event
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Are you in need of the perfect venue for your team building or corporate event? Scoping the perfect place will add value to your team building or corporate event, particularly if you're looking for the wow factor. Do you need one that is in a good location and easily accessible for delegates? Are you looking for a venue that will flow with your theme? Finding the ideal venue will impress your delegates and contribute to the overall success and engagement of your event. It can be daunting when choosing a venue and it's hard to know where to start, view our guide for sourcing the perfect venue to make your event a triumph.

As your search begins here's a few things you need to be sure of:

1. Location, location, location...

When looking for a location choose a venue that's easily accessible with good transport links near motorways, train stations and airports if necessary. It's not just for practical purposes but it's also an attractive proposition for many of the delegates that are travelling from out of town as your location could discourage delegates from attending. Also, is there any on site or nearby parking options for your guests? This is an important deciding factor when booking your event.

2. Capacity

Thinking about capacity is beneficial when choosing a venue as the size of your space is important. If you choose a venue that is far too small it'll create overcrowding but if the venue is too big it will look empty and unattended. A great rule to consider is booking a slightly larger venue, particularly when accommodating a team building event with setup props plus it's better to play it safe and avoid being sorry later.

3. Choosing an iconic and unique venue

Selecting the perfect venue will add value to your team building or corporate event especially if you search for a venue that is unique and complements your theming. A good venue will go a long way to setting the tone, creating enhancement and the mood for your event. It's important to visit the venue before making a final decision, for example If your corporate event is elegant and high end choose a venue to reflect this. If you want to incorporate a theme into your event such as a medieval banquet it's better to choose a more historic venue to complement.

4. Customer service

Your venue needs to be responsive to the needs of the client prior to the event, it also needs adequate support staff at the venue who will respond to all your needs and attendees prior and during the event.

5. Facilities and services

Good venues offer great facilities and services as standard. Things you can expect as part of your package include the main meeting room, syndicate rooms, meeting equipment, technological support, refreshments and creative meeting toolkits. Do you need any outdoor space for any part of your team building event? Also, if your delegates are travelling long distance it's important to consider accommodation, can the venue provide this for all your delegates?

Most importantly, first impressions make a lasting impression so during your visits are the front of house team at the venue welcoming? Are you delegates likely to receive a warm first impression at reception? Is the venue clean, tidy and well kept? These small details are an important contributing factor to making a great first impression.

What are the other important factors when considering a venue for your event? We'd love to hear from you on Linked in or Twitter.

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Written by Jenna Halford

22nd Wednesday March 2017

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