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Christmas Parties 2023

christmas parties 2023
Christmas Activities

It’s never too early to start organising your work Christmas party. In fact, planning this early will be the best thing you could do to make sure you get the event that you want at a reasonable price too. We offer a huge variety of events that we can deliver to you for your Christmas work do, from evening events to outdoor activities there is something for every company. We have been arranging Christmas parties for over 30 years so you are in safe hands, we will provide you with ideas that you might not have even thought of. We also offer themed events which work really well around Christmas time, who doesn’t love a good old murder mystery. By booking your Christmas party get together early it allows more time to find you the perfect location and plan so you and your team have the best party of the year.

Christmas party event ideas:

Casino Evening and Disco:

One of our all-time favourites, our Casino evening will go down a treat this Christmas. Your team can get dressed up and spend an evening with their colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment. Everyone loves a good disco and party at Christmas and this classic event is always a winner. 

Christmas Crafts:

This is a great event because not only does this benefit the employees themselves it also gives them chance to create some Christmas gifts for the family to enjoy too.

Indoor Crystal Quest:

Get everyone in the festive spirt with this exciting and competitive event. The great positive of this event is that it can be done in an afternoon at your workplace so no need to take anyone’s time up elsewhere. We know how busy the Christmas holidays are for everyone.

Quick Quiz

Is it even Christmas without a quiz? This event takes quizzing to the next level and doesn't allow time for googling as its all about the fastest finger first, we can even write bespoke rounds for your company to add a level of personalisation to your Christmas quiz. 

The Christmas baking challenge:

Get your teams together for a Christmas team build with this festive baking challenge! This event will show you who the true team players are so that you can give them the responsibility of bringing in the cake in 2024. It’s also an excuse to eat cake, so of course has to be up there in the festive favourites.

Virtual Christmas Parties:

We can also provide virtual Christmas parties as we know not all teams work together in the same office, some people could be miles away from each other or work remotely. We have seen a swift change in our corporate clients wanting virtual events that keep their teams motivated and connected. Why not try a virtual event this festive season?

Remember it's never too early to start planning your Christmas party, so make sure you get in contact with us soon so that we can make sure you and your team see out 2023 with a smile on your face.

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Written by Julian

15th Thursday June 2023

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