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Cook Up A Treat With Your Team

cook up a treat with your team
Christmas Activities

It's nearly that time of year to look at indoor events for your team, so we have listed some great creative indoor events. Is food a favourite subject in your office? Or do you have a treat section on the desk? Why not produce your own treats for the whole team to share and admire each other's creations. 

British Baking Challenge

Teams face the challenge of creating a scrumptious afternoon tea using only the utensils and ingredients provided by us. Teams will have the chance to earn more points with their originality, creative flair & presentation skills. READY...GET BAKING. 

Chocolate Chip Challenge

Is your team full of chocoholics? Teams complete brain-busting puzzles, quizzes and physical challenges to be able to buy materials to create a unique chocolate product good enough to wow our judges. This Chocolate Chip Challenge is a team building activity with a sweet and serious side. Get your team problem solving, budgeting and planning all in one challenge! 

Chocolate Craft Challenge 

Has your team got what it takes to become a chocolatier for the day? Under expert guidance learn how to make a box of fine handmade chocolates using natural ingredients. Teams will have to come up with names, logos and slogans for their chocolates and be ready to be judged on quality and presentation. 

Creative Canapes

Time to test who can really stand the pressure in the kitchen! Teams will have a professional chef show them how to make a selection of canapes, which they will then have to recreate. How hard can it be? Coming up with their own unique canape teams will have to impress the pro chef and catering assistants for their seal of approval! 

Creative Candy

Working with candy making specialists in our sweet sensation workshop, teams will learn the science of confectionary and see first hand how delicious treats are formed. Once all demonstrations are complete, teams will be given the chance to create their very own sweets! Discover who really has the sweet tooth on the team!


Gourmet Challenge

There's nothing quite like a shared love of food that can bond the group. Working in small teams to cook up three delicious dishes. A team building event in the kitchen can aid time management, team work and show the importance of individual team roles. Best part of it, what you cook you eat!! 

Olympic Cupcake Challenge

The challenge is to create brilliant decorations for a batch of delicious vanilla flavoured madeira cakes. As this is a cupcake making activity with a twist, teams must represent one of the countries competing in the games. On your marks...get set...decorate! 

Sweet Success

This event will develop and engage creative and strategic thinking skills, encourage innovative ideas and will help break down any existing barriers within the team. Teams will be asked to make a box of chocolates using limited resources and a strict budget. Who is the secret chocolatier on the team?

Sushi Making

This is a unique and refreshing team building activity, that will see the whole group join forces to create a selection of delicate sushi rolls. Come away with a real appreciation for Japanese culinary tradition. 

The Olympic Baking Challenge

This event has been inspired by baking TV shows, this is your team's chance to shine with their fantastic breath-taking bakes and innovative decorations! Your bakes must look the part and taste great too for your team to be in with the chance to win No.1 baker. Be sure to be on point at this event as perfection brings prizes here. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

17th Tuesday July 2018

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