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Corporate Fun Activities & Ideas

corporate fun activities & ideas
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Coming up with activity ideas for a corporate event is one of the most common obstacles faced by organisers. If you too, are struggling with the same, Actiondays® has got you covered.

Whether it is an indoor, outdoor, themed or an evening team building event, we can provide you with just what you need. Every team building activity should be fun and encourage bonding among employees. The following ideas will definitely add the necessary element of entertainment to your next corporate event.

Team Building Activities

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way for team members to learn to work together. The challenge can take place in an outdoor or an indoor location. The challenge requires different team members to work together to uncover clues that lead to the ultimate prize!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have seen a lot of popularity in recent times. The premise is simple, players are locked inside a themed room, and must find clues and complete tasks to get out. Escape rooms are extremely fun and test the teamwork, logic, and leadership qualities of team members.

Fun Days

The term ‘fun days' covers a whole range of activities including staff incentive days and client entertainment. These fun day activities have several team building benefits for your organisation. They're great for increasing productivity, boosting staff morale and strengthening employee relationships. Whether you want to reward employees for their hard work or impress clients, fun days suit all requirements. 

Race Night

Get your bets on and see who has the gambling flair within your team, with our Race Night activity. This interactive evening is guaranteed to be a memorable one for all, packed full of team building benefits such as: enhanced communication skills, budget management and delegation. 

It's a Knockout

Get your team involved in this energetic team building event, It's a Knockout will have everyone slipping, sliding and wobbling around all the games. We own the original inflatables, costumes and games from the BBC series, so don't be shy and get those hilarious costumes on. Round up your troops, pick a unique team name and get stuck in. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

28th Thursday June 2018

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