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Corporate Retreat Ideas for Team Building

corporate retreat ideas for team building
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So, are you having a company retreat? Are you reluctant to attend it fearing it will be a dull affair? Well, it is a tricky task to organise a company retreat which serves the purpose of bringing its employees together and make it fun filled as well. But if you are the person who is entitled with the responsibility to arrange a productive, memorable, enjoyable retreat, you must keep in mind the following points.

The venue must be adequate

It is of utmost importance to decide upon a suitable venue considering the strength of your employees and the activities you plan to conduct. Most often a venue is chosen that has a quiet and peaceful surrounding. With such an environment it is easier for the employees to focus better on the pre-planned team building activities. Also make sure that the venue is not far to travel. It should also have all the relevant arrangements available for the team activities.

Business first

Plan your retreat well. You should have a schedule ready for all the activities, be it the fun games, or the team interactions or the business talks. You may begin your corporate talk or discussions after the first meal when everyone gets familiar with the surroundings. The day should be planned well so that there is good balance between work and fun.

Breaking the ice

It is necessary for all the employees to have a good bond with their team even if they are working at different locations. Company retreats are a good way to bring everyone close. After discussing the future prospects of the company, there should be enough time for team meets where all the team leaders can bring their teams together. Healthy discussions, fun games, truth and lies are great to set everyone at ease. Our ice breaker events are perfect to add in between the important stuff.

Hire a professional speaker

One major goal of organizing a retreat is to encourage the employees and motivate them for better performance. When it comes to this, many of us consider themselves experts in preaching. Instead of a fellow co-worker trying his or her hand at this, it is better to hire a professional motivational speaker who can get this job done right. In this manner, you can participate in the talk along with your team and learn how to get better along with them. 

Food and entertainment

A retreat must not be just about work and motivation with limited fun elements here and there. The schedule should be well balanced between toil and play. Arrangements should be made in a way that there is abundant food and drinks for the party to fill the atmosphere with laughter. Comedians, dancers, magicians and fire entertainers can be a part of your retreat to make it memorable and super loaded with entertainment.

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

08th Friday March 2019

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