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Day in the life of logistics

day in the life of logistics
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My alarm rings at 6am, after saying goodbye to the twin boys and daughter I'm in the car on the way to the Off Limits Events operations base in Nottingham.

At my desk I'll check emails and prepare myself for the day ahead with a strong cup of coffee. I'll have a number of notifications from the corporate team of new events booked onto our internal weeksheet system. The next priority is to check the planning spread sheet and ensure it's distributed to managers and communicated to the logistics and warehouse staff for the day ahead.

The spread sheet contains vital information for each event including inventories, vehicle information and turnaround times. The logistics team load the vans early in the morning, 13 events are booked on to the calendar and we have over 1100 delegates taking part. The Crystal Amazed Event, Laser Clays, It's a Knockout, Multi-Activity, Soap Box Derby, the vans are packed and on route to venues nationwide by 8am. The next set of event stock is loaded onto our vans and despatched by 9am for a 10.30am start and the final load is despatched late morning. The logistics team even managed to squeeze in a fish and chip dinner on one of the busiest days of the year.

The first set of vans return from individual events between 4-10pm the same day, all equipment is swiftly unloaded, tested and reset for the following day. In between the team are maintaining, polishing and checking inventories.

Off Limits Event Professionals own 32 vehicles and with over 16 events a day we need to ensure all vans are correctly loaded for the day ahead. We deliver and operate 95% of all of our own events, storing all our equipment and props in a 20,000 square foot operations base. The event operation requires a slick, turnaround period before resetting for the following day. It's important to ensure events are delivered correctly, if one small element is missed it can have a major impact on an event the following day. Seamless communication with our corporate managers and executives is important to ensuring our events are always delivered on time in full.

In the afternoon I'll attend a weekly planning meeting at Global Headquarters in Nottingham. The meeting takes place with Corporate Account Executives and Managers and involves ironing out the finer details for each bespoke event. We'll also review feedback from the clients and check reports received from event managers on previous events. This is to rate the success of the event and check customer satisfaction has been achieved. All reviews are collated and existing events are revamped to ensure they remain competitive and high standards maintained. This is to ensure our clients experience the best service and the most up to date portfolio on offer. Throughout the year our product development team have been churning out new and exciting events for the year ahead based on feedback from these reports.

Off Limits Event Professionals is growing at a rapid pace and achieved £12 million a 40% growth in 2016. Plus delivering nearly 1200 events every year. It's all systems go at Off Limits Events and to ensure our clients receive the best service we have to apply a seamless approach to achieving operational excellence.

At Off Limits Events we're proud of our growth rate and success; we know this couldn't have been achieved if it wasn't for our logistics team working hard behind the scenes to ensure a smooth operation is achieved.

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Written by Jenna Halford

04th Wednesday January 2017

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