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Engaging Team Building Events

engaging team building events
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We're sure that if you haven't directly experienced them, you'll know someone who has experienced the old classic team building activities. The only problem with these is that everyone knows what is going on and their defences go up straight away, it's human nature. Team building events need to be different and clever... The best way to do a team building event is in a way that the participants either do not know they are doing it or, if they do, make them have so much fun that they don't care/think about the hidden objective. Team engagement is key, and we have just the team building events...

CSI Investigates 

This team building activity is based on the smash hit TV series. A terrible crime has been committed and the suspected criminals have all been arrested. But, the investigation team have done a sloppy job and it is now up to your team to finish the case! Teams will have to make sure the case is concluded with the correct criminal or criminals in custody. This activity is a unique, challenging and an exciting team building event, be prepared to be inspired, entertained and pleasantly surprised as you work collectively to solve any injustices.  

Team Work Challenges

We appreciate that team building is essential to help our clients develop the unity of their teams, ensuring that all colleagues understand the strengths of people they work with on a day-to-day basis. We have designed a range of team building challenges which are aimed at tackling such things like time management, delegation, working as a team and leadership. Our team work challenges will keep your team motivated with a competitive twist. 

Activity Days – Rage buggies, Archery & Segways 

An activity day is a great way to show your team appreciation for all their hard work so far this year. Incorporate several activities into one day and make your team building day one to remember. Below are some examples of the activities you could build into your activity day. 

Rage Buggies: 

What a brilliant way to build your team spirit! There is no better way to break down barriers and strengthen bonds than learning a new skill in a competitive and challenging environment. Get your teams adrenaline pumping with our 4-wheeled wonders!


Mastering the technical skill of archery will give your team a great sense of satisfaction and personal achievement. This sense of accomplishment is what makes archery so great for team building and activity days. 


We've crafted a Segway team building challenge, a completely different driving experience. This challenge requires skill, balance, control and a cracking sense of humour. Not only is this activity great fun, we have made it competitive for all team members, who can complete the course with the fewest penalty points? 

Picasso Picture Show

Find out who the arty member of your team is with this activity, recreating one of Picasso's famous paintings. This is a great activity for communication and leadership skills. One team member tells the others what to paint, only having seen the original painting at allocated times. Come together at the end and see if all the teams together have created a picture-perfect Picasso. 

In It to Win It

In your teams you will take part in a series of challenges with only 2 minutes to succeed on each. Some of these challenges may look easy but believe us, looks can be deceiving. Make sure you put the strongest team member forward for each challenge, utilising each other's strengths is great for team unity. This activity also encourages problem solving, creative thinking and competition.  

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Written by Jenna Halford

25th Wednesday July 2018

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