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event of the month october
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Our Picasso picture show is our event of the month for October, with so many team building benefits to go with it. Find out who is really the creative one on the team and let them unleash their inner artist. This activity will test your communication skills along with your memory. Can you recreate a Picasso masterpiece from only seeing it for a small amount of time. 

Everyone will view the 6ft x 4ft abstract masterpiece by the famous Picasso, and then split off into teams. Teams will be recreating the painting whilst being instructed by another team member of what they should be painting for each section. Each team will be given two sections of the painting to recreate. The deadline is tight so make sure there are no mistakes, the team member that can see the painting can only see it at set times. Not as easy as it sounds now. At the end come together and place your separate paintings collectively to see whether you have successfully recreated a Picasso painting.

Team building benefits:

Improves and enhances communication and collaboration skills. Put teams together that wouldn’t usually work together to really put them to the test. 

Drives creative thinking from all individuals 

Highlights the importance of each individual team member

Illustrates how everyone can have an input into the bigger picture

Allows everyone to see a task through from the beginning right through to the end which helps completion. 

Time management – given a time to complete the task 

Leadership and delegation 

This event is very creative and practical in terms of painting, it also holds some aspect of a mental challenge. 

If you are looking for a unique and creative team building activity, then our Picasso Picture Show is most defiantly an all round favourite. 

You can keep the paintings you create within your teams as mementos for the office wall or depending how well you have painted maybe even a home wall! Hanging these in the office act as a simple reminder to the teams who created it on the day and will automatically bring the teams closer with something in common to talk about. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

29th Monday October 2018

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