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Five Awesome Office Christmas Party Themes

five awesome office christmas party themes
Christmas Activities

Office Christmas parties are a great way to show your appreciations towards your employees. However, by throwing the same kind of party every year, with the same food and entertainment options does little to communicate this appreciation.

Add the necessary zest to your next Christmas party with our alternative office Christmas party activities:

Santa's Sleighbox Derby

Surely you have seen and heard of the popular Soapbox Derby where teams build innovative carts to race head to head. The amazing Santa's Sleighbox Derby is a great way to include some fun team building activities to an already fun Christmas party. Using only basic materials and tools, teams build sleighs from scratch and go bumper to bumper in a flurry of festive races. Who knows, you might be able to identify Belbin's team roles for your own team members!

Christmassy Movie

Lights, camera, action! Find out who the Spielberg's are in your team by re creating a scene from a festive favourite. Teams will have to assign directors, head of props, actors and extras as well as a film crew. Team work and communication on this activity is a must. Put your employees to the test and boost their festive spirits with this activity. 

The Christmas Baking Challenge

Get ready, Bake! Who doesn't love some true home baking, especially at Christmas! This activity is set to make your employees feel like the next Mary Berry. Teams will face the challenge of creating a scrumptious, festive afternoon tea good enough to impress our judges! 

Christmas Masquerade Ball 

This one is perfect for workplaces with a relaxed dress code. For the Christmas party, ask everyone to dress up in their sharpest suits and glorious gowns for a classy masquerade ball!

Christmas Crafts

Get creative with our Christmas crafts activity, perfect to boost Christmas joy and festive feels around the team. All Christmassy creations can be taken home or gifted to loved ones. If you're planning an Office Christmas Party, your decorations will be perfect to set the festive tone.


With just a bit of creativity, you can easily throw a Christmas party that will become the talk of the town. If you think all the preparations are a bit too much, simply contact the corporate event experts at Action Days, and we'll make it happen for you.

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Written by Jenna Halford

06th Friday July 2018

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