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How To Book A Team Building Event

how to book a team building event
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We know the struggle sometimes of getting everyone together and planning an activity that suits and meets all requirements. When you book with us for your next team building event, we will take that stress away, and organise an exciting memorable action packed day of events. Below shows our easy step by step process to booking with us: 

1. Figure out your brief and objectives: 

To help us personalise your event there is some key information for you to tell us, so that we can put together the event that most suits your objectives, these are below:


Preferred location

Number of people attending 

Preference of event (indoor, outdoor etc) 

Objectives & purpose of the day for example: help develop communication, to aid the bond of a new team, increase efficiency or even build upon relationships and motivation levels or just have a fun away day.


2. Take a look at our website to view the events you have in mind already, or to choose your events that suit your needs. If you give us your brief and requirements, we can also recommend the best events that we know will fulfil those specific needs to save you trying to work out what would be best. 


3. Call or email us: Give us a call and let us know all the above. We will do our very best to get the perfect event laid out for you in a proposal and quote. On the phone you can really gain some in depth detail about each event with one of our corporate executives, they will guide you through each event you are enquiring about and answer all your outstanding questions.

4. Receive proposal: We will send you through a proposal with the event information, cost, times and plan of the day. Read over this to check that you’re happy with all the details. 


5. Agree proposal, details and terms: Drop us an email or call us to let us know that you are happy with our proposal and to go ahead with said event. It’s that easy! 

6. Count down the days to event day…

7. Have THE best day on your event with us! 


8. Email your assigned corporate executive with your review!


Of course, if there are any changes or questions along the way / after booking we will do our best to accommodate. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

11th Friday January 2019

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