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How To Build Your Own Corporate Event

how to build your own corporate event
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Haven't seen an event package that really captures what you're trying to say? Building a bespoke corporate event is a perfect solution. When you go tailored, you're only limited by your imagination and your budget.

Keep your focus clear

Understand what you hope to get out of the event. Behind all the showstopping stuff, the games and performances and dinners, there's a central message. It could be about a new initiative, a product you're releasing, or a key professional behaviour you want to encourage in your staff. It should be single, focused and clear.

The impetus for successful events start with this focus. Identify what you wish to communicate before you begin to create the event. Then, when you're ready, you can move from foundations (why you're doing it) to ideas (how it's going to happen).

Think wild

With the right creative team behind you, anything's possible. Don't stop to think whether something can be done, but whether it should be done. If you want to create an event themed on a popular TV show, for example, or your latest product, begin by developing a wish list of the things you'd like to have on board. Costumes, props, machinery… the crazier you think, the more inspiration you'll end up with.

You don't have to realise everything you dream up. The idea at this stage is to develop a “perfect event” on paper, which you can use as a benchmark for budgeting.

Pull the purse strings

Wild thinking is great for creating a unique and memorable event. But it's also a good way to spend tons of money without realising you've done it. Have your ideas first - this will keep your event solution creative - and then work out ways to fit them into the available budget.

Budgeting after you've created your vision allows you to come up with novel solutions to design problems. Of course the design of your event will alter over time, as you match up everything you need with the funding you have access to. But by thinking first and doing your sums afterwards, you'll strive to affordably achieve things you might otherwise have dismissed as too expensive.

Think about your venue

The weather is a big consideration when setting up an event in the UK. If you're hosting outside, think about what you're going to do if it rains. Do you have an alternative plan, or an event you can modify to suit the wet weather?

Plenty of corporate venues are capable of supporting events that take place inside and outside. And plenty of corporate games and entertainment packages can be adapted to take advantage of internal and external spaces as weather permits.

If you're hosting an event that's definitively outdoors, use elements that can stand unsettled weather. Traditional country pursuits and water-based activities (like raft building or dragon boating) are both good. If you can do it in wellies, or you're already likely to get wet, a little rain isn't going to stop play.

Get outside help

Arranging a corporate event is a time consuming and stressful business. It can make sense to get a bespoke company on board. Off Limits has more than 15 years expertise in setting up tailored events. We can use our contacts to get better venue prices, and have an in-house team of project managers, event planners and prop creators who love a challenge. Call us today on 01773 766050.

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Written by Jim Alexander

17th Wednesday June 2015

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