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Indoor Crystal Amazed Launch

indoor crystal amazed launch
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Off Limits Event Professionals are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their exciting new indoor team building event Crystal Amazed. This event has plenty of original quirky features inspired by the cult TV classic and is the perfect nostalgic experience for clients. Delegates will use problem solving techniques to navigate through the themed zones trying to retrieve crystals. This is the ideal event if you're looking for an immersive and cryptic experience with plenty of physical and mental challenges.

Off Limits Event Professionals Director Martin Stephens commented “Crystal Amazed has always been one of our most popular team building events and we wanted to replicate it for an indoor environment. We're seeing a lot of client interest in these performance-related team building events as a means of injecting fun, breaking barriers and boosting morale. A recent investment in technology has facilitated the manufacture of this new event in house, another bespoke Off Limits event”

At Off Limits Event Professionals we're continually invested in our client needs and committed to developing and revitalising our event portfolio. As events industry experts with over 23 years' experience we are front runners in providing excellent team building solutions and committed to building on our event ideas.

For more information on the Crystal Amazed team building event contact us for more information. Further details coming soon!

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Written by Jenna Halford

24th Friday November 2017

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