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Letter to my future self: A year from now

letter to my future self a year from now
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Dear future me,

This year is turning out to be such a whirlwind and so exciting that I thought I'd better write it all down so I don't forget anything. With so much happening in the world of team building it's really easy to forget what's been achieved and how far we've come in a short space of time. Plus it's always good to know that present me has future me's back!

What a year! We're in May now, and so far 2016 has seen a whole new exciting chapter unfold at Off Limits. Since 2015 we've continued to flourish as a team building business and build on our mission statement that ‘quality, commitment and experience delivers exceptional events'. Thanks to what we've achieved in just four months we'll continue to start 2017 on a even stronger footing.

So, here's what's happening right now. Off Limits has expanded on all fronts, we've outgrown our current offices and moved into new headquarters in Moorgreen, Nottingham. The new offices are super spacious and equipped with the latest technology to help us cope with the increase in demand for team building activities and events, and give our clients an exceptional level of service. Not to mention a comfortable working environment for the staff! Now we've got the space to actually nourish the ever-expanding Off Limits family. And it really does feel like a big family. That's just one of the things that's so great about working here.

The plan for 2016 is to continue to innovate and launch lots of exciting new team building activities. The new events will reflect technological advances in the industry. We're also continuing to develop existing event opportunities. For example, we've launched 3 new Totally Wiped Out games including the Wrecking Ball, X-treme Zorbing, and Perilous Pyramid, as well as number of new Olympic-themed team building activities. We've also expanded our escape room locations to capitalise on the growing trend for problem solving team building activities.

So far, 2016 has been a pretty awesome year at Off Limits. There's been a lot of growing outside of our comfort zone. There's also been a real desire to offer an unrivalled service to our clients, which is really what it's all about, regardless of what department you work in. It's good to remind yourself of that sometimes.

What do I want to tell future me? Probably to worry less about the intense year ahead and relax in the knowledge that I have the best team around me to help achieve the goals and targets we need to hit. There are some exciting times ahead for Off Limits and the team building industry as a whole, but like the mindfulness guys say, there's a lot to be said for being in the moment. Be aware of what's happening right now and you'll be able to stay focused, and most importantly – enjoy it!

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Written by Jenna Halford

04th Wednesday May 2016

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