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Mental Health Awareness

mental health awareness
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For mental health awareness day all of our teams here at Off Limits took part in our event ‘The art of being Arty’. We gave each team time to create a picture that represented their perception of mental health, what it means to them, their happy place, what they do to keep their mental state happy and calm. Teams were talking amongst themselves about mental health and how important it is to talk to one another, talk to friends and family.

Some drawings had words and phrases expressing how they felt, some were turning negative comments into positive ones and others were simply words like family, friends and names of loved ones. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time we took out of our working day to relax, be calm and be creative. All the teams used various materials to create their picture from tissue paper, glitter, felt tips to feathers and pipe cleaners. 

After each team had their time to create their master pieces, we gathered them altogether and placed them on a wall in the office for everyone to come together to see and discuss the ideas. It was so great to see how everyone perceived mental health and how they tackled showing this through arts and crafts.

Here are some pictures from all of the team’s hard work: 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

11th Friday October 2019

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