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The Off Limits Event Professionals team recently decided to get involved in an engaging and entertaining afternoon of CSI Investigate team building. After setting the scene individuals were ready to take on an afternoon of crime scene investigations after a ‘heinous crime' was committed at the Moorgreen offices in Nottingham. The previous team did a really-sloppy job on the investigation and it was down to the expertise of the Off Limits Event Professionals team to solve the case.

The session began with a briefing at the crime scene and individuals were then split into forensic teams. Delegates were immersed into the world of CSI through forensic challenges and psychological methods as delegates learned how to tackle cyber crime. Teams were consumed by the world of investigation throughout the afternoon and true to real life delegates were provided with body suits, masks and gloves as they would in a real investigation. The cutting edge methods used in the event are used in genuine investigations to piece the evidence together and solve the crime once and for all.

The event started with individuals taking witness statements and blood splatter analysis samples. Even scouring the outside of the offices to search for evidence and weapons needed for the investigation. Individuals took part in crime scene photography, fingerprinting, mobile phone interrogation, CCTV analysis, evidence preservation and a television appeal. There were plenty of smart twists as teams managed to eliminate suspects one by one by applying these critical investigative skills. The event was fun, thought provoking and perfect for encouraging team bonding. The finale was fantastic and the whole event was solved through the process of elimination, it turns out the real culprit was our very own Off Limits Events Director Martin Stephens.

Abby Magill, Venue & Agency Manager commented on the event “The day was a real success for everyone involved and we felt really immersed into the mysterious world of crime scene investigation. The event showcased a whole host of team building benefits including leadership, communication and collaboration skills'"

If you'd like more information on our CSI Investigate team building event please contact us for more information.

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Written by Jenna Halford

16th Tuesday May 2017

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