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Outdoor Events are back

outdoor events are back
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Outdoor Events are back!

We are back to what we do best Team Building and we love it! Its been a very hard few months and there are still hard times ahead but it’s nice to start seeing some light and be back running outdoor events. 

We love seeing the smiles on clients faces and how happy they are to be with their teams again, clients are also so happy to see their teams rebuilding relationships with each other and increasing morale within the teams and organisation. It is inspiring teams to know that they are moving forward and starting to get back to a more normal place. 

Our first event out was a huge success and went so well. We have been running events for over 25 years, but these are very different times to run events in and safety has always been a major part of our business, but now more than ever it really matters. And we have gone above and below the rules and regulations to ensure we have covered everything and more. Our client’s safety is always our number 1 priority and we show that through our risk assessments, safety checks, medical staff on site and 15-million-pound public liability insurance. 

Getting back outdoors and running a multi activity day with power turns, treasure hunts, and family misfortunes was a great way to get started, we loved running the day and our clients had a great time leaving us outstanding feedback. It’s always great to receive fabulous feedback but in such difficult times it means even more, especially when the client talked about how safe they felt and that they were happy to be used as a reference for events safety in these times.

Below is our client’s great feedback and some pictures from the day. 

“Just a quick email to thank you all


Everything worked really well over the two days and Aden and Andy were the ideal hosts. The COVID-19 restrictions did not affect our enjoyment at all, but we appreciated the care that you had taken to ensure that everyone felt safe. 


You should feel confident organising other events within the social-distancing environment we now find ourselves in. We would be happy to act as a reference for any other clients if that were helpful.”


So if you would like to get planning your next event to get the excitement flowing, just contact us today. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

24th Monday August 2020

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