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Quiz questions and rounds for Lockdown!

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Lockdown has created one big quiz craze, if you aren’t doing at least one quiz a week then you are missing out. The hard part is when its your turn to run the quiz. But worry no longer Off Limits have been running quizzes for years. So, we are here to help and have created the perfect lockdown quiz for the Coronavirus pandemic with different Quarantine rounds that will make you look like a quiz master hero. If you are looking for someone to run your virtual quiz then we can help you there also, just get in touch and we can write a personalised quiz and have one of our expert event managers run it virtually of course for you! 

So here goes pens and paper at the ready guys, it’s time to get quizzing!

Round 1 – Missing Friends

How well do you know Friends?

    1. What is the name of the coffee shop in Friends? 

    2. What are the names of Ross and Monica’s parents?

    3. In which city was Ross’s third marriage?

    4. What is Janice most likely to say?

    5. How many sets of towels does Monica have?

    6. What is Phoebes fake name?

    7. What is Joey’s favourite food?

    8. What does Chandlers Dad do for a living?

    9. What plastic surgery did Rachel have?

    10. What is the name of the guy who runs the coffee shop? 

Round 2 – PPE – Past, Present, nEither

Which law is still present, which law is from the past and which law is made up, so neither?

Clue – 6 are present, 2 are past and 2 are neither. 

    1. It is Illegal to be drunk in the pub.

    2. It is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman under specific circumstances.

    3. It is illegal for a boy under the age of 16 to see a naked mannequin.

    4. It is illegal to carry a plank along a pavement in the Metropolitan Police District.

    5. It is an offence to be drunk and in charge of cattle in England and Wales.

    6. It is illegal to handle a salmon in suspicious circumstances.

    7. It is illegal to jump the queue in the Tube ticket hall.

    8. In Chester, it is legal to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and an arrow, as long as it happens within the city walls and after midnight. 

    9. It is illegal to activate your burglar alarm without first nominating a ‘Key-Holder’ who can switch it off in your absence. 

    10. It is illegal to walk your dog after 11pm. 

Round 3 – Name that Quartune











Round 4 - Family fortunes from afar

Just like the TV programme give your answer to see if it matches the publics answer?

    1. Name a mode of transport?

    2. Name a job that a clumsy person shouldn’t do?

    3. Name a fairground ride?

    4. What are you most likely to be chased after in a horror film?

    5. What do you get dirty?

    6. What can you catch?

    7. What do you do with your hair?

    8. What fruit are you most likely to eat at breakfast?

    9. What is the reason most people give for being late?

    10. What would you not leave the house without?

Round 5 – Riddle through lockdown

What am I? Work through the riddles below to find the answer?

    1. The more I dry the wetter I get?

    2. I have lots of keys but unlock no doors?

    3. What belongs to you, but others use it more?

    4. I sit in a corner and travel around the world?

    5. I go up and down the stairs but never move?

    6. I run but never walk, I have a mouth but never talk?

    7. I can fly but have no wings?

    8. I am lighter than a feather but even the strongest man can’t hold me for 10 minutes?

    9. I have a head and tail, I am brown, but have no legs?

    10. The more you take the more you leave behind? 

Round 6 – Name that Corona logo












Round 1 – Missing Friends

    1. Central Perk

    2. Jack and Judy

    3. Las Vegas

    4. Oh my God

    5. 11

    6. Regina Phalange

    7. Sandwiches

    8. Las Vegas Drag Queen in Viva Las Gay-gas

    9. Nose job

    10. Gunther

Round 2 – PPE – Past, Present, nEither

    1. Present

    2. Past

    3. Neither

    4. Present 

    5. Present

    6. Present

    7. Present

    8. Past

    9. Present

    10. Neither

Round 3 – Name that Quartune

    1. Police – Don’t stand so close to me

    2. Britany Spears – Toxic

    3. R.E.M – It’s the end of the world as we know it

    4. MC Hammer – You can’t touch this 

    5. Peggy Lee – Fever

    6. Billy Idol – Dancing with myself 

    7. Pink – You make me sick 

    8. Tiffany – I think we’re alone now

    9. Live lounge Allstars or Foo Fighters – Times Like These 

    10. Captain Tom and Michael Ball or Gerry and the pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone 

Round 4 - Family fortunes from afar

    1. Bus

    2. Window Cleaner

    3. Dodgems

    4. Zombie

    5. Car

    6. Ball

    7. Wash it

    8. Banana

    9. Traffic

    10. Phone

Round 5 – Riddle through lockdown

    1. Towel

    2. Piano

    3. My name

    4. Stamp

    5. Banister

    6. River

    7. Time

    8. Breathe

    9. A penny

    10. Footsteps

Round 6 - Name that Corona logo

    1. Andrex

    2. Flash

    3. Hovis

    4. Heinz Baked Beans

    5. Pot Noodle

    6. Deliveroo

    7. Amazon

    8. Morrisons

    9. Zoom

    10. Houseparty

If you are looking for other virtual team building ideas then we have plenty, just get in touch today and we can help you arrange it all. 

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Written by Julian

07th Thursday May 2020

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