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Ways in which your can give your remote workforce a sense of togetherness

remote sense of togetherness
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In this very difficult time keeping an eye on your employees and team’s mental health is so important. Working from home can be hard and motivation can at time be difficult to find, but the non-contact with people can really have an impact. Making sure you even just create little things to create some togetherness within the team is so important.


Give them time to talk about everything not just work

You spend so much time with your team at work and normally if someone was having a bad day you would notice, as they would be in a different frame of mind and you would ask them if they are ok, you would then chat it over while working or on a tea break. When working from home this is not as easy. So, make sure before you go into work mode and just ask and talk about work, talk to each other, ask how each other are, tell lockdown stories, share the bad and the good times. This will help all team members as then they will know they are not the only one struggling and get to feel a little of normality and let of any steam, knowing that you are all in this together.


Have some fun

Work calls can be hard work, talking over the phone is not always easy, so make sure there are some fun elements within the calls to put everyone at ease. You will find once you have had a little fun at the beginning of the call, the rest of the call flows so much better and people share and talk in a different way. This will increase togetherness and help increase motivation and therefore increase work rate. Whether it’s a quick-fire round quiz or a quick game of bingo, starting a call off with some fun always helps.


Share Ideas

When in the workplace you would normally bounce ideas of one another for ideas to continue and to find some great ones, working from home this can be difficult as you have a very different mindset and working environment, but you can still make this happen. Have a call just about ideas, again make sure you have created a little fun on the call to really allow the creative juices to follow. Maybe start with just your own lockdown ideas, game ideas you have played with family and friends, hobbies you have started, projects you are working on! This will start to get everyone in a creative mindset.


Have a side project you are all working on    

We do not mean a work project; it could be something simple like sending everyone some seeds to grow. Even if it is just crest in a cup. It gives the team something to unify on, something to share with each other each week, you can share your progress, and ideas of how to grow and make things better. You could even get creative with it and have best picture of the week with your crest, this could be anything from taking it on a walk to balancing it on your head. Having a shared project like 

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Written by Julian

15th Friday May 2020

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