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Team building activities and events for Large groups

team building activities and events for large groups
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Team building events are great when it comes to improving communication, morale, motivation, productivity, and while helping team members get to know each other better. They improve the overall efficiency of any team, while being extremely fun and engaging.

However, in most cases, when it comes to team building events for large groups, most employees act disinterested. The reason behind this is simple, they don't get the professionals to run the team building events so they are not fun.

Let go of the boring team building games, and check out these great team building event ideas that will keep your team asking for more.

It's a Knockout!

Remember the BBC TV series where people would compete in silly games wearing giant costumes? Take your team on a Knockout adventure with our original costumes from the show. Complete with games like Super Suds, Slippery Summit and more, It's a Knockout is arguably the most popular choice among large corporate groups.

Totally Wiped Out

Another classic TV show, Total Wipeout. Our take on this is Totally Wiped Out, which is a fun activity for all adults. Combine hilarious fun and team building activities in a colourful team building event set in the great outdoors. From individual challenges to fun team relays, whatever your objective may be, Totally Wiped Out is the perfect choice for a large corporate group.

Teamwork Challenge

The teamwork challenges are great for improving communication, time management, leadership, and recognising strengths and weaknesses of various team members. The challenges take up to 3-4 hours, depending on the size of the group, and can be turned into a fun day out for the whole team.

Lock Box Challenge

Frustration initially kicks in as the simple task of getting into the case actually isn't so simple and discussions ensue of how this can be completed with the team leader role changing as the minutes pass!

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Written by Jenna Halford

14th Thursday June 2018

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