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Team building events to increase communication.

team building events to increase communication
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When you are looking for a team building event for your company it is always vital to think about what it is you want to get out of the team building day. Communication is one of the aspects that our clients want to build on within their teams. We have many different event categories that you will find on our events, some may be more suited to what you are looking for. We have listed below some of our events that work on building strong communication skills: 

Human Logo:

This is a fun and interesting event for your team where they will need to work together to create a section of a logo in teams. Delegation, communication and leadership skills are vital for this event. The drone will film the whole process giving a great take away from the event as it will show your teams coming together to create your logo. Communication is key to get everyone in the right place at the right time.  

Human Rollercoaster: 

Using only poles, bars and the bodies of your team you will need to build a track that a ball can seamlessly roll through all the way to the end with no drops. Teams will need to work together and communicate with each other, because if someone sets the ball rolling and one section is not ready then it is game over! 

Say as I do: 

This event will test not only the communication skills of your team but will put their multi-tasking to the test. Our event professional will be the leader and your team have to copy their actions, seems easy but it’s not when you have to do the opposite actions as a team. This one will also give the team something to laugh about. 

Motion Machine  

This event really shows how important every member of a team is and that good communication is the key to success. Your group will be spilt into sections and each group will have a section of a machine to build. Each group will need to bring their complete part of the machine as all parts are put together to build a complete working machine. This event shows how important every section and piece are, as if not all sections and pieces are complete and correct then the machine will not work. Teamwork and good communication are the only way to get this machine complete and working! 

Picasso Picture Show 

This event is great to bring together teams through communication and creativity. Each team will have a member who sees a piece of the picture, they will then need to communicate this image back to their team verbally for them to recreate as a piece of artwork. All pieces are then brought together to recreate the Picasso masterpiece. Will all teams manage to listen to instructions and create a direct copy of the Picasso?   

If you are looking to increase communication skills within your team, get in touch with us to find the perfect event to help.    

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Written by Julian

17th Friday February 2023

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