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Team Building Events to Increase Wellbeing

team building events to increase wellbeing
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Sometimes all your team needs is an event that will allow them to think about their wellbeing, this could be a team event or a small team building activity. We can tailor any of our events to suit what your team needs. Do they need something to look forward to together and something to talk about in the office, well if so, we are here to help! Take a look at some of the events we can deliver to you and your team that aims to increase wellbeing:

Our mindfulness events can bring a lot to your team, and it will get them thinking about their health & wellbeing. Your colleague’s wellbeing is vital when it comes to their performance at work and these events will help them find something new to make them feel good:

Smoothie Making:

In this event you will make smoothies and healthy mocktails using all natural ingredients and healthier alternative to sugar. Learn how to combine a variety of different flavours into one healthy delicious smoothie. Teams will also go head-to-head in a series of challenges where they will make different smoothies that need to taste great! Not only will your team learn the magic behind blending and mixing techniques they will also have a lesson in wellness and wellbeing.

Balanced Bites:

This is a cooking challenge that will get your teams cooking up something healthy and tasty in the kitchen. Teams will need to create a nutritious two course meal using only what they find in the team larder. Our judges will be waiting to see what the teams cook up the winners will be announced with the best meal. Don’t worry if your team are unsure which direction to go in as there will be a professional chef on hand to help with top tips and techniques.

Comedy Class:

Time to see who the natural comedian of the team really is. Laughter and wellbeing go hand in hand, and what team doesn’t like to have a laugh together. Each comedy class will include different activities such as physical theatre warm ups, improv games and challenges using comedy for presenting and public speaking. This event will inspire your team to think outside of the box, build their own self confidence and of course use comedy in their day to day working life to make everyone laugh.

The Art of Being Arty:

Who is the creative one in your team and who will surprise everyone with their arty skills? You will be faced with a blank canvas and tubes of paint, you will learn about brush techniques, mixing techniques and how to apply paint in different ways. We’re taking it back to old school arts and crafts with this one!

Stress Buster Session:

Stress buster activities are designed to lower stress levels and control tension. We can deliver a half or full day workshop that focuses on yoga, meditation and visualisation. This event will get everyone open to new ideas and methods of reducing stress. As a team this could be a great way to relax and spend some time together away from the everyday working environment.

These are just a few of our team building events that we can offer to you and your team that give that will inspire them to think about wellbeing and maybe unlock new hobbies they didn’t realise they would enjoy so much! Get in contact with us to create your wellbeing team event.

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Written by Barry O'Neil

01st Wednesday March 2023

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