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Team building events to suit different working styles

team building events to suit different working styles
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In every workplace there are usually a variety of personalities and working styles all in one office. Therefore, this can lead to miscommunication or conflict, however there are plenty of results where solutions are creative and effective. By learning more about the different types of work styles and discovering your own you can become a better team player. We have linked our team building activities to some work styles to help you pick which would be best for your team. Team building events will also allow colleagues to see and understand how each other works.

Struggling to figure out your work style? A work style is a collection of behaviours and attitudes that you apply to your tasks and relationships in the workplace. Your approach to work and your tasks dictates how you respond to your environment, solve problems and manage your working relationships. If your team members understand their own work style this could maximise their productivity and therefore success is achieved.

Here are 5 work styles you could have in your team:


Individuals that can analyse a problem and tackle it head on have a logical work style. Often those with this work style or more data-orientated and love a tricky challenge. They have a linear way of thinking which allows them to focus on their goals and get the job done.

Team building activities for Logical workers:

- Indoor Crystal Quest

- Motion Machine

- Escapologic


Those with this working style are sequential, strategic, organised and have extremely good attention to detail. These attributes are great in any team as they supply the team with a sense of order and stability. Workers with this working style are usually pragmatic and avoid risks.

Team building activities for Detail-orientated workers:

- CSI Investigate

- Human Logo

- Virtual Murder Mystery


Some people have a more emotional orientated work style that is very expressive and supportive. Otherwise known as integrators, these individuals typically build relationships and bring teams together in harmony. They usually value collaboration above anything else.

Team building activities for Supportive workers:

- It’s a Knockout

- Totally Wiped Out

- Soap Box Derby


These workers are often known as pioneer leaders or big-picture thinkers. Individuals working in this style are skilled at creating a vision and inspiring others to believe in it. These workers in your team thrive off endless risks and possibilities. They are also great at turning obstacles into opportunities but sometimes can get wrapped up in the bigger picture that they overlook the finer details.

Team building activities for Idea-orientated workers:

- Commercial Creation

- Dragons Den

- Tablet Treasure Hunt 


Having a collaborative work style can benefit the whole team. Someone with a collaborative work style usually works very efficiently and is a great team player. This can help bring the team to work together that little bit more.

Team building activities for a collaborative worker:

- CSI Investigate 

- It’s a Knockout 

- Human Logo 

If you have a mix of working styles within your team, then hosting a team building event will certainly shine a light on the different ways of working and it might make your team understand each other better or believe in themselves more to try a different working style.

Get your next team building event booked in with us and reap the rewards!

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Written by Nellie Gethins

14th Friday July 2023

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