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Teambuilding in Space

teambuilding in space
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In honour of Tim Peake becoming the first official British astronaut to walk in space, Off Limits Event Professionals have calculated that it would cost a grand total of £487,771,550 to run a teambuilding event for 20 people on the International Space Station (ISS).

According to NASA, space tourists can spend 18 days in space and stage a 90-minute spacewalk for £24,338, 500 per person ($35,000,000). With this in mind, Off Limits Event Professionals have created an event with two activities: one that can be completed inside the small area of the ISS, and one that can be done in 90 minutes outside.

Off Limits have chosen the Lock Box Challenge as the indoor event: a complex series of tasks the team must complete against the clock. They will crack the codes to get inside a flight case suspended in zero gravity, and then solve the puzzles inside. For a team of 20 people, this event costs £37.50 per person.

For the 90-minute space walk, Off Limits have picked a team building event guaranteed to give each company a lasting memento of their time in space: Human Logo. Teams must make a convincing replica of their company logo using their own bodies. This is a fun and ingenious way to boost morale on Earth, so imagine doing it in space! Communication and time management skills are essential. The event costs £40 per person.

Add all the costs together and you have a grand total of £487,771,550.

Both events need to use as little equipment as possible to meet the strict weight restrictions associated with space travel. For this reason, Off Limits elected to leave their legendary It's a Knockout props and costumes back on Earth.

“It's been incredible to see Tim Peake bring his British nature to the International Space Station, eating a bacon sandwich for breakfast and tweeting about missing his cups of tea,” Martin Stephens, Director of Off Limits Event Professionals, commented. “While the idea of space tourism is farfetched and expensive at the moment, I'm excited to see this become a reality over the next few decades, at which point we can really start running corporate events up there.”

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Written by Jason England

15th Friday January 2016

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