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The Three M’s of Team Building

the three m’s of team building
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We have already learnt about the three E’s of team building and now it is time to discuss the three M’s. Team building plays a vital role in an organisation’s success year to year, keep your team motivated and driven to ensure they hit their targets each quarter. 


“To make someone want to do something well” Cambridge Dictionary 2020

Team building aims to motivate all employees throughout the year. Giving them something to look forward to together and an aim to get to. Team building within workforces can build new relationships with colleagues and in return motivate employees to be more determined and driven. Motivation is key to success amongst the work team, if one member does not feel motivated it spreads fast! It doesn’t have to be a big team building day it can be as small as something that takes half hour with your team. Get to know them outside of work, show that the company cares about there wellbeing. This will motivate the employee to excel in their job which is fantastic for the company.


“The level of satisfaction felt by a person or group of people who work together” Cambridge Dictionary 2020

Morale within a workplace is something that organisations should keep a close eye on. Happy employees means that their work rate will be higher and they will have more drive and determination to do the job they need to do for the business. Morale within a team is important, team building activities will bring them together as one unit and build relationships away from the office environment. 


“The practice of being aware of your body, mind and feelings in the present moment, thought to create a feeling of calm” Cambridge Dictionary 2020

Mindfulness is becoming such a huge factor that all businesses need to be aware of, keeping your employees wellbeing at the forefront of every decision. Making sure that all employees are well and happy with their day to day. We have many activities that are dedicated to mindfulness and gives teams the opportunity to be away from the working environment and relaxing with colleagues. Ensuring that your team have time away from their desk is very important, and if they can do this together this will help all three M’s. 


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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

24th Friday January 2020

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