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Top 5 Activities for your Team Away Day

top 5 activities for your team away day
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Are you looking for some activities for your team away day? You have come to the right place. We have so many events that we can provide to you for the perfect team event. A team away day is a great way to get everyone out of the office, socialising together outside of the work environment and maybe competing against each other in some challenges. A team day out can also show your employees how much you appreciate them and allows them to relax around the people they work with, which in turn will build relationships and boost moral around the office. 

We have listed 5 events that we think would be suited to any team away day: 

Driving Days: 

Get your team feeling the need for speed on one of our driving days. If you are based near Nottingham, you could go to our Nottingham Drive site which is host to a huge variety of different vehicles to drive and race. This would include very fun, and adrenaline fuelled events for your team away day. Who will be crowned the top driver of the day? 

It’s a Knockout: 

This is an all time favourite of ours and we know that teams absolutely love this event. It has everything from races, costumes, and inflatables you will be spoilt for choice of what to go on next. Your team will go head to head in some of these challenges to fight to be the It’s a Knockout champion. The aim is to score as many points as you can in each game, working as a team and showing each member encouragement and positivity. This event will be the talking point for a while in the office, your team will have a brilliant time. 

Crystal Quest: 

Another favourite event of ours, Crystal Quest will have your teams feeling thrilled and frustrated all at the same time but then when they conquer a challenge, they will be left feeling superb! A series of hard challenges to get through to collect the crystals, will you do it in the allocated time? This event will divide the leaders in the group and discover talents people never knew they had. 

Escape Rooms: 

Put yourself and your team in a room and try and escape. The tensions are building; pressure is rising will you escape from the room together? A test of pure teamwork as you have to be a team in these rooms to ensure you do not miss any clues as this could cost you your freedom! We can also do escape rooms virtually, so you don’t even need to leave your home or office. 

Lockbox Challenge

Can your team open the box? Once in the box can your team work together to solve all the puzzles and games inside. Every task has points and points are want you need to be the successful team, so use your skills wisely and get delegating to the right team member to max your point score. Teamwork and time management will be needed on this event to make sure your team ends up in the winner's podium!

We have lots more great team building events, just get in touch for even more ideas for your team away day. 

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Written by Julian

24th Friday March 2023

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