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Top 5 Kings or Queens of the Jungle

top 5 kings or queens of the jungle
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Yes, it’s that time of year again when the programme that takes over all of our lives starts, I’m a Celebrity get me out of here! Love it or hate it, its great TV and with our two favourite Geordies hosting it, what can go wrong. 

What we love about the programme are the trials, as it always gives us great inspiration for new games, ice breakers and events. The programme also inspired our great Jungle Experience event, which you should definitely try if you’re an I’m a Celeb fan.     

There have been many trials through the years that have become firm favourites and Kings and Queens of the Jungle that we will never forget. So, on that here are our Top 5 King and Queens of the Jungle.  

Harry Redknapp – Series 18 Winner and current King of the Jungle – What’s not to love about Harry, he was a great example of age doesn’t matter and doesn’t stop you doing anything. He is the oldest winner but one of our faves. The love that he showed on the show won everyone over, no one had a bad word to say about Harry and how could they. He got involved with everything and really opened up to everyone, which we think was a great mental health message, especially coming from a man who is seen with such prestige in the sporting world. Harry also gave a great message that friendships can be created at any age with people of all ages and backgrounds. Harry definitely gave us lessons that should be taken in everyday life.    

Scarlett Moffatt – Series 16 Winner – Scarlett was a great winner, as she would very much say herself that she was not seen as a celebrity, but her kindness, sense of humour and attitude of getting stuck in and involved in everything shone through for everyone to see. Again, we see here that kindness really does pay and when you are stuck in a jungle for 3 weeks there is nowhere to hide and the real you come’s through and the real Scarlett was a winner. She always did so well in her trials no matter how terrified she was, as winning food for her teammates was more important to her than anything. Scarlett is for sure a top winner with great winning characteristics.       

Carl Fogarty – Series 14 winner – Carl was a real Crocodile Dundee nothing really scared him, and he just got on with anything. He was a great motivator in the camp and also brought a lot of personality to the camp. He also made some great bromances in the jungle which everyone loved to see. He was also the winner with the longest amount of time in the jungle. His sportsmanship shone through with him always trying to win for his team and then finally winning the title, something he has been used to.    

Stacey Solomon – Series 10 winner – Stacey was another great winner with a great mental health message which she has continued with. She could see the impact social media was having on women’s perception of their selves and she had also felt the impact of that. In the jungle there was no stylist or make up and she just went with it. She was also another celeb who really tried hard in the trials no matter how scared she was and again showed great kindness. Her laugh and infectious smile were also a great asset to her teammates, and she made it a much happier camp.   

Gino D’Acampo – Series 9 winner – We can’t have this list without Gino. He was probably one of the funniest winners and people still re play his trial videos over and over again. Probably why he won with the biggest percentage of votes of all winners. It also helps to have a chef in the jungle to try and make the rice and beans taste a little better. Again, Gino had a great set of Characteristics, his sense of humour, his get things done attitude and always trying his best to succeed for his team. Gino also brought a great feel to the jungle as he was always looking for the next laugh and joke to play, he brought a lot of fun to the jungle and left everyone wanting to be his friend. 

Being in the jungle really does relate at times to the stress of everyday life and it really is great to see the kind, hardworking, generous characters winning. This is why we believe it is such a great formula for a show and why we all want to be in the jungle.

We’re not celebrities but get us in there, we want to be in the jungle!        

I’m a Celebrity facts:

Biggest winning percentage: 83.42% – Gino D'Acampo (Series 9)

Closest winning percentage: 50.56% – Charlie Brooks (Series 12)

Oldest winner: 71 – Harry Redknapp (Series 18)

Youngest winner: 21 – Stacey Solomon (Series 10)

Longest stay in camp: 23 days – Carl "Foggy" Fogarty & Melanie Sykes (Series 14)

Shortest stay in camp: 1 day – Elaine Lordan (Series 5)

Most appearances: 2 series – Katie Price (Series 3 and Series 9)

Most bushtucker trials: 12 trials – Adam Thomas (Series 16)

Most consecutive bushtucker trials: 7 trials – Helen Flanagan (Series 12)

Most refused bushtucker trials: 2 trials – Lady Colin Campbell (Series 15)

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

22nd Friday November 2019

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