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Top 8 Icebreakers

top 8 icebreakers
Christmas Activities

Looking for something to ease in a new starter to the team or an activity to keep the spirits high in an important conference or meeting? Our icebreakers will get everyone off their feet! Perfect for office team building to give your employees a small break in-between working hard. Including one of our icebreakers in your conference or meeting schedule will break the ice between delegates and motivate everyone especially after lunch.

A bridge too far:

A challenging construction themed team building task that is ideal for the whole workforce, each team will have to work together to create different sections of the bridge using only the materials we supply. This is a classic team building activity as building a bridge takes more than just one person, communication and collaboration is key. Will your bridge stand up independently? 

Circus Skills:

Circus skills can be booked for both indoor and outdoor team building events. Unlock potential new skills within your team and find out who the biggest clown really is! Teams will need to work together to master some traditional circus skills and hopefully discover new abilities they never knew they had. 


If you are looking for an activity to energise your delegates in a conference or meeting, The Haka is one of our best! Imagine a conference or meeting with industry professionals sitting awaiting to start and then being welcomed by our team of painted, loud and full of beans staff ready to get everyone on their feet. Throw all inhibitions out the window with this activity as everyone will be shouting and performing the Haka together.

Clap Happy: 

This activity is a great energizer for your conference or meeting, as well as an ice breaker activity. Everyone will work together to create spectacular rhythms and movements that build up into a finale full of energy. This activity relaxes and bonds delegates whilst putting smiles on everyone’s faces.   

Sticks, Strings, Blindfolds and Things:

A whole selection of quick and effective team work challenges bound to get all your team bonded. This activity is perfect for conferences as an ice breaker to get all delegates involved. From physical and mental challenges this event has plenty of flair and highlights how important it is for team members to work side by side to get the results they need. 

Human Logo:

Team work and communication is key for this activity, who will take charge as leader placing each team member correctly to create a giant recognisable logo. This will require powerful teamwork as you will build the logo only from memory with the instructions and props provided. Teams must stick to a strict deadline with the ultimate goal of recreating their logo successfully. 

Human Rollercoaster:

Using only limited supplies and the bodies of your team the challenge is to build a track and then try and control a little ball which will be rolling along the rails with pace. Communication and control will need to be at it’s best to ensure the ball does not fall of the tracks. This activity is a favourite for team building and is ideal as a standalone challenge or as part of a programme of ice breakers at a conference or a team day. 

Rocket Icebreaker:

This is a construction-based team building task which is brilliant for breaking down barriers and bringing out the creativeness from the team. In this activity teams will build and launch the rocket they have constructed. Teams will be judged on which rocket can fly the furthest, make sure your team speak logistics before building. 

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Written by Jenna Halford

13th Thursday September 2018

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