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Top leadership lessons we can learn from the Queen

top leadership lessons we can we can learn from the queen
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Queen Elizabeth is our longest serving monarch, throughout her 64 years on the throne she's reigned over 12 prime ministers and embraced many trials and challenges. David Cameron described her as a ‘rock of stability' in a world that is constantly evolving.

It's a job like no other but the Queen still manages to remain relevant and engaged at the grand old age of 90. There are many ways Queen Elizabeth can inspire us through her leadership qualities.

Embracing technology trends

The royal role is steeped in tradition: but Queen Elizabeth has actively embraced new technology advances along the way. During her 1953 coronation she insisted on having the entire event televised to the nation, against the advice of Winston Churchill. In 1976, she was the first head of state to send an electronic message. The Queen also sent her first tweet last year to celebrate the Information Age Exhibition at the Science Museum—her debut post was re-tweeted over 36,000 times. Today's leaders must embrace new technology platforms to create connection and avoid becoming irrelevant.

Keep calm and carry on

The UK has become a diverse and multicultural society over the years, and the nation's role in the world has changed. Queen Elizabeth has embraced these transitions, and has always reminded us to be excited by change rather than fear it. She remained poised despite violent encounters during the riots of the Quebec separatists in the 60's, and kept calm in the aftermath of the Buckingham Palace intruder incident in the 80's.
Most leaders will experience challenging situations at some point. The Queen's ability to remain calm during chaos is a real example of how to channel pressure in a positive way.

Personal approach

The Queen remains relevant by making royal appearances more personal and allowing the public to get closer to her during visits. In the corporate world there is an increased requirement for leaders to be available to consumers and stakeholders outside the office environment. It's important to connect willingly with your audience. This creates a feeling of appreciation, and drives engagement with your business.

What else is there for leaders to learn from Queen Elizabeth II?

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Written by Jenna Halford

18th Monday April 2016

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