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Top Summer Team Building Events for 2023

top summer team building events for 2023
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It’s nearly the best time of the year for our amazing outdoor team building events and we can’t wait to deliver so many of our events to you this summer. If you are looking for a team building activity for your company this summer, you have landed in the right place. We can tailor so many of our events to suit your company goals, whether that is to boost team morale or build relationships across departments. Have something for your whole team to look forward to plan a day where they come and just have pure fun with the people, they work every day with. See below some of the events that we have chosen to be the top summer outdoor team activities: 

Outdoor Crystal Quest: 

This event will have your teams diving into a world of crystals, themed areas, challenges, and golden tickets. Your whole teams’ mission is to make it through all of the areas of the maze completing the games successfully. There will be physical and mental challenges for you to complete. How much time will you and your team have at the end in the dome to collect the tickets. 

Team Work Challenges: 

This event is a complete mix of so many different activities to put your team to the test. The challenges your team will have to try and conquer together are pyramids, storm the castle, blindfolded tent building, and blindfold human sheep herding to name a few. There is a game for everyone with this event and teams will quickly workout who their leader is to get them through all the challenges successfully. Teamwork, communication and delegation are all key to the success of this event. 

Soapbox Derby: 

Do you think you have a team of people who are creative and think outside the box? Well, this is your event to test them on this. Teams will need to create a workable soapbox using only materials we provide; this kart needs to be able to go head to head in a race with the other teams. Who will create the winning soapbox and design an unforgettable piece of art. 

Jungle Experience: 

Race against the clock and win team building challenges to earn stars for your team. The winning team will be the ones who have managed to collect the most stars along the way through completing various challenges. Some of the challenges are games such as stepping stones, jungle escape, spiders web and what’s in the box. 

It’s a Knockout: 

This is the ultimate summer team building event where your teams will be battling it out against each other in different races, dress up challenges, and surviving the games on the big inflatables. Teams should brace themselves for a very competitive day and get ready to go up against some exciting but tricky obstacles. 

Totally Wiped Out: 

This is another one of our all time favourites! Teams will go head to head against each other through various different activities, such as the big red balls, the sweeper arm and so many more fun inflatable games. This event will test your team’s competitiveness and team spirit, we expect to hear lots of cheering and chanting at this team day. 

Get ready for summer with your team and book your next big team event with us here at Off Limits! 

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Written by Julian

05th Friday May 2023

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