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As the summer comes to an end indoor team building activities become extremely popular. The typical British weather can stop us from enjoying being outside when it rains all day and hits minus temperatures. We have some great indoor team building activities to keep all your delegates warm, especially our tasting events such as Whisky tasting. If you and your team enjoy meeting up after work for a sociable beverage then our variety of tasting events could be just what you are looking for.

Below are some of our liquid tasting events: 

Whisky Tasting: 

Perfect for a themed evening or as the finishing touch to a corporate party. A selection of fantastic malts are poured for each guest. Our experts will teach your employees or clients how to unlock their noses training them to be able to identify malts by region, barrel and age. This tasting event will get everyone in conversation exploring the virtual tour of their palate.

Ale Tasting:

Do you have ale lovers in the team, if so this activity is perfect! Even for those who wouldn’t normally be ale drinkers, there will be something that matches everyone’s tastes buds. With this event you will discover a selection of England’s best brews, learning all about brewing styles and how to easily identify different ales from various regions. We can add this into a themed event and even create a quiz based on all the new knowledge you will have soaked up. 

 Wine Tasting:

This event is an all-time favourite, any excuse to have a sip of wine! Wine tasting makes for a great evening entertainment filler, perfectly breaks the ice and gets everyone talking. Begin with a champagne reception designed to prepare the palate. An induction will take place shortly after and from there the wine tasting begins. You will be swirling & sniffing your wine like an expert by the end of the night. Wine tasting pairs well with your next evening event, and we can create a bespoke session to cater for your individual requirements.  

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Written by Jenna Halford

26th Wednesday September 2018

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