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It’s that time of the year again where we all must decide in the office what we would like to do for the Christmas party. If your lucky enough to be gifted with the joy of organising the Christmas party, then think outside of the box when it comes to the event or activity you choose to do. 

Now’s the time to get your Christmas party booked for this year, we provide many events that we can bring to you, providing a unique twist on the average Christmas party. Give your team a party they will remember and talk about until next year. We know that Christmas is an expensive time of the year for everyone, so we are here to arrange a party at a reasonable price so that you and your colleagues can have a Christmas party like no other. Below is a list of Christmas party ideas we can tailor to your individual needs. 

The Christmas Baking Challenge:

This is a great opportunity for teams to get together and create some scrumptious treats for the families at Christmas. Bake anything festive to a winter warming afternoon tea. Teams will be judged, and a top baker will be chosen. 

Team Building Benefits:



Team Unification 

Time Management 

Santa’s Sleighbox Derby:

Build a new sleigh for Santa using only basic materials and tools from scratch and watch teams go head to head in an outbreak of festive races. Go bumper to bumper and see what team’s sleigh wins. Each sleigh will need to pass a festive MOT if they want to race and be involved in the team trials. You don’t need to be an engineer or mechanic to enjoy this Christmas activity, all you need is a simple design, basic engineering and a creative flair to make your sleigh look Christmassy. 

Team Building Benefits:

Improves communication 

Develops problem solving abilities 

Hones leadership and delegation skills

Encourages creative thinking 

Christmassy Movie:

Do you have some secret actors within your team? Put them in the spotlight and see how they do, with our Christmassy Movie activity teams will be given a budget to work with to see if they can recreate a festive favourite. Each team will need to assign a director, head of props, actors, extras and camera operators – but with all these positions filled each person has to appear in at least one scene. So those shy guys who thought they would get away with being hidden as something like head of props will be in for a surprise. 

Team Building Benefits:


Team unity 

Budget management 

The Twelve Games of Christmas:

Fancy a whole round of different games this Christmas, check out our fantastic activities within the twelve games of Christmas. Classic games and festive soundtracks will get everyone on their feet feeling the festive spirit. A present will be awarded to the team who wins each game, the team with the most presents at the end wins and are crowned Christmas Champs! 

Team Building Benefits:

Stimulates creativity

Encourages idea sharing 

Communication and interaction 


More activities and games we can bring straight to your office…

In it 2 Win It:

This is perfect for the office games at Christmas, get into teams and be put to the test with some of our challenges that look easier than are perceived. Teams will need to beat the clock, putting the best team member up to the challenge. Utilising the strengths of each person is the only strategy for success. 

Team Building Benefits: 

Goal setting

Encourage competition 

Creative thinking 


Indoor Crystal Quest:

Our indoor crystal quest challenges are perfect for a team building activity in the office, once set up everyone can rotate round and see if they have what it takes to crack the cryptic clues and conquer mental and physical challenges. Teams will need to complete the set of tasks to move on from one themed challenge to the next. These are the sorts of challenges that you will want to sit and crack even when the timer is over. You will not want to be defeated. 

Team Building Benefits:

Problem Solving

Creative thinking

Time Management 


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Written by Jenna Halford

05th Wednesday September 2018

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