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Venue Of The Month February 2019

venue of the month february 2019
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Our venue of the month is Nottingham Drive Site a fantastic driving and shooting facility. A great venue and location for corporate away days and team building events that get everyone out of the office and in a unique environment where delegates can be put to the test. 

1. Description of Nottingham Drive site itself and surroundings: 

Here at the Nottingham drive site we offer a whole fleet of multi activities where you can try your hand at several classic driving activities such as 4x4 driving. For those ready to push their limits, we have powertunrs and rage buggies, these are so quick off the mark, extremely responsive and take the corners brilliantly. Nottingham Drive Site is surrounded by fields and woodland areas. Which also make it a great location and venue where corporate team away days are at there best. 

2. What can the drive site offer?

Nottingham Drive Site can offer packages to suit all including driving and shooting packages for all team away days and corporate events. All our packages will make you laugh, scream and punch the air in shear excitement. Here at the drive site we offer 4x4 driving, blindfold driving, bungee runs, chuckle buggies, micro quads, powertunrs, quad bikes, rage buggies, reverse steer driving, Segway’s shooting and archery. 

3. What has been the most significant change in the industry that has had a positive impact on the venue?

More and more clients want to explore different and creative ways to hold a team building event or team away day. With the industry moving away from the more traditional office team building events, meetings and conferences this gives us scope and a wider audience as we have such a unique package to offer in a different environment. 

4. What atmosphere does this venue portray?

A great outdoor facility allowing you and your team to get back on touch with nature and push your inner boundaries by trying new exciting activities. 

5. Name the top three attributes of Drive Site:

Great race courses

Superb Vehicles and activities 

Great central location

6. What is Drive Sites most popular team building event?

The drive site sees a lot of multi activity days for our clients. Incorporating many of our shooting and driving activities into one day. 

7. What are some of the biggest challenges at the venue? 

Making people more aware that we own this great site and superb venue in Nottingham available for use for corporate away days and team building events. Enabling us to be really cost effective for your package. 

Potential Customer Questions:

1. How much space is there for outdoor activities? The Nottingham Drive Site is situated within 18 Acres of land. 

2. Is there space for outdoor team building activities? Yes.

3. Is there Wi-Fi? No

4. Is there parking available on site? Yes

5.     What are the costs to hire? Hire charge is free when you book a multi activity with us. 

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Written by Charlotte Sneddon

28th Thursday February 2019

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