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What makes a Good Team Leader

what makes a good team leader
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A great team becomes one with the efforts of an even better team leader. Becoming a good team leader is not an easy task. It is not easy to handle a team comprising of different people with different attributes and ways of functioning. But that's what a good team leader is supposed to do, bring everyone together and build a team as strong as a rock. All the success that a team gets, is credited to the team leader equally along with the hard work of the team. But a team leader must also be sensible enough to take responsibility of any failure that comes in the way of the team.

A good team leader is a perfect blend of many qualities that will help them take care of their team. Read about a few such qualities that will enable a person to become a perfect team leader.

Clear communication

One of the key aspects of handling a good team is clear communication. A good team leader must be able to clearly demonstrate what he intends to do for the team and what he expects in return. It is extremely crucial for him or her to be specific about any verbal or written communication, so that it is easy for the fellow team members to comprehend that and work accordingly. Also, if you have strong communication skills, you also become a good listener. When you listen to your team, you receive valuable input from them for the betterment of the entire lot.

Organisational skills

Effective team leaders have good Organisational skills that play a crucial role in letting them manage the team adequately. If you are organized yourself, your team will also inculcate the same attributes automatically. An organized team leader can manage the tasks assigned to the team in an effective manner and plan strategies and plan actions optimally. An organized team leader knows how to keep the system running effectively. They are also capable of leading the team towards achieving all the goals and objectives.

Respectful and benevolent

With the promotion in the designation, there must also be an increment in the sense of humility you have. A good team leader is always humble and respectful towards his team members. You can never extract the best out of your team members if you don't be the best with them. A good team leader is always respectful to the ideas forward by his team members and is fair in any sort of reward or recognition to be given in the team.

Problem solver

There are a lot of scenarios in which conflicts may arise within the team. A good team leader must be able to find a solution to these problems by negotiations and discussions. Every team faces some kind of friction but it is the duty of the team leader to sort out all such issues and keep the team together and help them achieve their goals effectively.

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Written by Jenna Halford

03rd Tuesday July 2018

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