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What makes a Successful Team

what makes a successful team
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The foundation of any organization is its team. For the organization to achieve its goals, it is crucial for its teams to have a high-class performance and good work ethics. A strong team makes for a strong institution. If the team members are not comfortable with each other, it will lead to miscommunication, misunderstanding, failing in achieving a common ground in any discussion and also missing deadlines. All these mishaps negatively affect the business growth.

It is important for a team to stay together in all circumstances. A good team celebrates even the smallest of its victories, learns from all the failures and encourages each other to perform better, all under the leadership of a charismatic team leader. Below are mentioned a few qualities that are possessed by a successful team.

Clear flow of communication

Good communication skills are a must for any team to flourish and work better. In order to perform the best and achieve the targets set for the team, it is important for them to share their opinions and ideas freely during a discussion and this can only be enabled with a smooth flow of communication. With poor communication, you may easily cross deadlines and get incorrect work that would lead to time wastage. Communication should be both sided where the team not only speaks but also listens attentively.

Equal contribution by each team member

Each team member, in a good team, is aware of the responsibilities he or she holds and what share of work is expected out of them. They are all well aware of the place they fit in the business and continuously work to perform better. Each member in the team is committed to work for the betterment of the team as a whole and truly care about the success the team.

Dealing with conflicts and failures

A good team knows that failures are an opportunity to learn from and to improve their capabilities and strategize again their course of action. They do not consider failure as a low but accept it as a challenge and get to work to solve the problem with more enthusiasm. Likewise, in times of an internal conflict, the entire team comes together to find a solution so that the coherence in the team is not lost. An internal disturbance in the team can ruin the momentum of the entire team and give poor results professionally.

Unity in diversity

A successful team is one that portrays unity in diversity. The creative quotient of a team is high in a team that has a diversified membership. Everyone will have his or her own experience to share that will enhance the skill set of the team. A team with members of diverse cultures, ethnicity, age, gender is always better than a one with similar team members.

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Written by Jenna Halford

13th Wednesday June 2018

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